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Can a Website Blocker Help You Do More Work in Less Time?

By FocusMe Team on 18 June 2018

When sheer determination isn’t enough to improve your productivity, it pays to start with the source of your problems

You rely on the internet for business, so why would you want a website blocker that restricts part of this valuable tool?

Here’s the thing: you don’t need the whole internet at once to do a job well.

We’ve all done it. You’re sitting at your desk with papers in hand or spreadsheets on screen when the sudden urge to check Facebook arises. You just can’t resist a quick peek at what your friends are up to.

Sure, it might only seem like a minute or two, but for many of us, that urge comes along several times a day. It starts with a click, but then you’re faced with dozens of stories, videos, and other posts that are begging for attention. Before you know it, you’re a half hour deep into cat memes and sports fails, and that to-do list on your desk is largely forgotten.

Simplewall estimates that about 40% of all internet use in the workplace has nothing to do with business.

What’s a worker to do?

Installing a website blocker might be the furthest thing from your mind. After all, those are just to keep kids safe online, right?

You might change your perspective once you use one for yourself and discover how blocking sites can actually shorten your work day.

What a Website Blocker Does

A website blocker is a program you download to your computer and set up to prevent access to certain parts of the internet.


Website blockers (also called internet filters) can work one of two ways: by blocking specific websites or entire categories. Website blockers have gotten more sophisticated over the years. You can now customize your access to include domains, subdomains, paths, and in some cases, on-page content like videos, forms, and games.

As an administrator, you have the power to tell the program which websites or categories you want to avoid. Some programs may allow you to set a time limit on certain websites, while others will block access altogether.

The goal is to block out potential distractions so you have no other choice but to focus on your real work.

The Benefits of Installing a Website Blocker for Work

Facebook gets a bad rap for killing productivity, but it isn’t the only culprit. Breaking news, sports scores, weather reports, blog posts, memes, and YouTube can all seem more interesting than what you’re supposed to be doing at your desk.

App blocking isn’t just about finishing your work quicker, though that’s beneficial enough on its own. Take a look at some of the benefits you can expect when you add a website blocker to your arsenal of work tools:

Higher Profitability

How much does the time you waste really cost you?

Benefits of a website blocker

There’s an easy way to calculate it:

If you’ve used FocusMe or another app to gauge how much time you spend on unrelated tasks each day, you can multiply this figure by the amount you make per hour. Then multiply this figure by the number of days you work each week, month, or year, like this:

(Minutes Wasted Per Day) * (Hourly Rate) * (Number of Work Days) = Total Missed Profits

For example, if you waste 60 minutes total per day and earn $20 per hour, you’re wasting $20 per day. In a five-day work week, that’s $100. In a month, you’d be missing $400 or more. Your yearly loss? About $5,200.

Wouldn’t you like to put that money into your own pocket rather than letting it hang out in the digital space?

Longer Equipment Life

You might not think your equipment suffers from your time-wasting activities, but it does. The more you use a device, the more wear and tear it receives. Your battery, keyboard, screen, and other components are all affected by how much you use them.

When you’re using your smartphone or computer to browse Facebook or YouTube, you’re putting your device through unnecessary use. The more you use it, the more vulnerable you make your device to harmful websites, viruses, or other negative impacts that can slow or destroy your system.

If your computer stays in good working order, you can enjoy longer equipment life and avoid costly repairs or replacements.

More Free Time

Freelancers and entrepreneurs are usually one-man shows trying to do the work of many. You might not have the funds or resources to outsource some of your workload, even if it means getting things done sooner.

When you focus on improving your own productivity, one of two things happen: you either finish your daily tasks sooner, or you’re able to complete more work in the same amount of time.

If you’re trying to boost your free time, using an app blocker helps you allocate the time you were wasting into productive, profitable minutes to get you closer to the end of the work day.

How to safe time and get more free time every day?

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Less Stress

Freelancers and entrepreneurs are used to heavy workloads, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less stressful. When you’re able to knock out much of your to-do list in less time than usual, it can be the sigh of relief you’ve been hoping for. Getting out from under the weight of your work can help you worry less and work with a clearer mind.

Sheer willpower isn’t always enough to drive away the digital distractions.

How to Block a Website (It’s Easy!)

Using a tool to block sites is easy, but not all website blockers work the same way. For example, FocusMe is a flexible app that can blacklist websites for a specific period of time. You can also use FocusMe to block time-wasting desktop applications, something that most standard website blockers can’t do. Check out our tutorials to become a master of productivity.

Once you find the right app blocker, you can usually set it up within minutes to rid yourself of time-wasters during your workday.

What Will You Accomplish with More Free Time?

Freelancers and entrepreneurs are known for their unceasing drive to do and achieve, but even hard workers deserve to be rewarded. When you can accomplish your daily goals in less time, you’ll be able to enjoy free time guilt-free and make all your hard work even more worthwhile.

Explore the benefits of FocusMe as an app blocker, and let nothing intrude on your work day.

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