About Us

Jon was working as an IT professional at home and felt the need for software that would help him work with 100% concentration. The existing products that Jon found were not as effective as he wanted them to be. So he came up with his ground-breaking software, the most powerful productivity app FocusMe. It has been 10 years since the first version of FocusMe. From that day to today it has been incrementally improved to become the world’s most effective, robust and hardest to get around website and application blocker. It’s even impossible for Jon to bypass its protection when it’s in Forced Focus mode.

FocusMe is the software that helps you boost your productivity by blocking time consuming websites, social media and games. Being a power bank of productivity, it can make the difference between being overlooked to being promoted at your workplace. Beyond promotions and admiration, realising that you have produced more will go a long way towards feeling more satisfied and happy with yourself and your work. This is where FocusMe plays a vital part in your career and keeps you on track when it comes to performing at work. FocusMe comes bundled with timers, schedulers and time tracking features which are suitable for parental protection and business use as well. If you feel like enhancing your productivity at work, look no further than FocusMe!