How To

Instantly Increase Productivity

While Training Your Brain for
Longer-Lasting Willpower

FocusMe Works By Making Your “Monkey Mind” Behave Again

Listen, you have everything you need to be twice as much (at least!) more
productive already! The problem is there are two sides of you

Your Wise Executive


Your Monkey Mind


The digital “toys” that knock you off track are designed to give your Monkey Mind the upper hand. And the Monkey Mind is why you cheat yourself when using systems that should work…

The App Basically Restores “Executive Power” in Your Brain...

Establish rules you know will make you more productive. FocusMe enforces
them to reign you in later on, even in your weakest moments.

Distractions Don’t Stand a Chance!

Block social media, websites, web browsers, or the entire internet.

Limit or cut yourself off from apps, games, Windows 10 store apps, all Steam Games, Fortnite, and more.

Take regular breaks from your computer or certain sites for hours, days, weeks, years (you name it).

Stop multitasking and develop pure, undiluted, laser-pointed tunnel vision on important tasks.

Set “launch limits” that only allow you to open your email a certain number of times per day.

You’ll Get a TON More Done!

Discipline yourself for productive work blocks with the Pomodoro feature.

Prevent yourself from going online on certain devices so you can only focus on what’s in front of you.

Take breaks from the internet when you want to hyper-focus on cerebral work that requires your full attention.

Opportunities for More Control are Endless!

Block your PC at night and wind down or go to bed sooner or even use as a “breathalyzer” to avoid embarrassing late night messages! 😉

Create parental controls to keep kids safer and more focused online. (read more here)...

Keep using Facebook, Netflix, Youtube, and Twitter, etc, BUT start using them responsibly!

Sync your productivity plans between devices to eliminate tempting opportunities to “sneak a peek”.

With Non-Negotiable “Force Mode” When It’s Time to Go Nuclear

(Warning: Serious Users Only!)

This app was created because existing website blocking tools
were too easy to disable, uninstall, or bypass. When addictive
distractions are disrupting your life, the last thing you want is
a way to “cheat” during a moment of weakness.

FocusMe forces you to focus on priorities that YOU set for
yourself. You can set it to be pausable and easily edited if you
want. Or turn it into a “Focus Firewall” that never lets you
change your mind!

(Whether the distraction-hungry side of you likes it or not).

Plus It Trains Your Brain for Long-Term Increases In Self-Control!

Your Monkey Mind will freak out at first when it realizes it doesn’t have a work-around.
Then it has no choice but to get in line.

That’s when something VERY interesting happens…

As good-habits replace bad habits you’ll find it easier to focus and enter states of ‘flow’…

A cascading effect of being more motivated and productive will increase your willpower over time, making you less impulsive and more resistant to distraction.

Your new-found strength will generate a growing happiness and a new appreciation for real, heart-beating life.

And you’ll develop a sustained ability to achieve the things that matter most in your life (and the lives of those you love).

It’s All 100% Customizable

You’re always the one who chooses your level of commitment.
Tailor FocusMe to whatever makes most sense for your work,
your life, and your personal challenges.

Want to block the Internet while using a few websites for work, like Google Drive or Asana? No problem.

Partially block sites (e.g. cut out Facebook but allow yourself access to Messenger or an important Facebook biz group)? You got it.

Block some websites forever, just cut back on others, or retain the ability to let yourself into a specific site in a work emergency? Done.

Want to stop spending all your time in your email inbox but still send messages to customers and colleagues? We’ve got you.

Want to block Windows Explorer but allow a particular folder? FocusMe does it.

This App Allows You to Do All This And More….

Powerful and Proven Features for Regaining Control of Your Websites, Devices And Applications


Use the convenient Scheduler to minimize
common distractions that happen at certain times.
Force yourself off the computer at night. Plan focus
sessions around your optimal work schedule and
most energetic points of the day. Plan your entire
week in advance and watch how much you get


Great for distracting but “sometimes useful” sites!
Other productivity programs offer two options: block
it completely or not at all. But even YouTube or
Facebook can be handy in a pinch. Stay flexible by
setting a limit on the hours per day, week, or month
you can access a site – so you can still shoot off that
last-minute message or watch a quick tutorial video
as needed.


Set daily limits on opening email (or habit-inducing
websites), specify max length of each open, and
enforce wait periods between launches.. Example:
twice a day, 30 minutes max, with 6-hour breaks
between launches. Email limits force you to get
them done faster than you ever thought possible.
Minus obsessive peeks for shiny objects in your


Believe in the Pomodoro Technique? You should!
Chunk time into a healthy rhythm of work blocks and
breaks with the built-in, automated Pomodoro Timer.
Customize with automatic work/break intervals on
whatever pattern suits you best. No more forgetting
to take breaks, but no more 5-minute breaks turning
into wasted hours either!


You’ll be SHOCKED at what sites and applications
you actually spend all your time on. Your Time Usage
stats provide clear insights on what you’re doing on
your computer. Spending hours instead of minutes
on emails? Blowing the day on pesky admin tasks?
Lost in Facebook for half a day without realizing?
Identify your problem points in full color for quantum
jumps in productivity.

Four Layers Of Plan Protection Make It Very Hard to Be Unproductive!

Every time you set up new rules in FocusMe, you can specify the level of protection.
Want to easily edit or pause a plan? Merely make it inconvenient? Impossible? Up to you.

Plan Protection #1:

Reboot & Uninstall Protection

Think you can just restart or reboot your computer
to get access to features that you’ve limited? Think
again. FocusMe is like an elephant – it never forgets
what you’ve been doing on your computer. And if
you’re really serious about outsmarting yourself
for good, you can have the app prevent itself from
being uninstalled.

Plan Protection #2:

Random Password Generator​

Have FocusMe generate a random string of letters
and numbers for you to type in whenever you want
to pause, stop, or edit a plan. Entering a few dozen
obnoxious characters zooms you out from the
moment just long enough to use your Executive
Brain again. Set the strings as long as you like – up
to 2000 characters!


Plan Protection #3:

Custom Password

Make plans easy to unlock but “give away the key.”
Have a friend set the custom password for you on
one or all your plans and keep it away from you.
Then if you really need to unblock your sites, you
can…but it’ll take some convincing. Ever had to
explain why it’s suddenly important to check
Twitter at 10 in the morning?

Plan Protection #4:

Forced Focus Mode!

If you want to remove ALL POSSIBILITY of pausing
or editing your plans, go with forced blocking mode.
It’s a great last measure for finally conquering
distractions and digital addictions you’ve failed to
get a handle on again and again. But be very careful
with this feature…With Forced Mode activated,
nothing will get you in.

The Most Powerful Blocking Available

It’s Time to Set Your Productivity on Auto-pilot!

Create Multiple Focus Plans for the Different Areas of Your Life

Easily make multiple blocking profiles for different
days or different uses to cover all the areas of your
life that need a boost in efficiency and balance.

Set up a morning routine or regular working routine,
and allow yourself to use specific applications during
different times of day. Allow yourself more freedom
to slack a bit in the evening. Go wild on the
weekends if you want…it’s completely up to you!

Set-And-Forget Scheduling Makes Better Behavior a No-Brainer ​

Productivity software you need to activate every
time you turn on your computer just sets you up for
failure. It’s so easy to think, “I’ll just watch ONE
Youtube video and then get to work.” Suddenly the
entire day is lost…

Your automated scheduler automatically activates
FocusMe everyday without you lifting a finger. It’s
such a liberating feeling to wake up knowing
Facebook isn’t even an option in your day yet…

Long Stretches Of Uninterrupted Focus for Massive Action

Have a huge project you want to get done? Want to
leapfrog towards incredible progress? Imagine what
it would do for your bank account (or grades) if you
blocked all websites that weren’t supporting your
goals for 12 hours straight…

With FocusMe it’s easy to set yourself up with the
tunnel vision for massive action. And it won’t let you
deviate from your plan even for a second.

Make Regular Rest and Relaxation a Mandatory Part of Work

Your efforts to boost productivity are most effective
when you plan for downtime too – it’s often exactly
what you need for creative leaps at work. Remind
(or even force yourself) to take breaks so you can
keep energy high and stay in the zone longer.

This is how you stay sane while exponentially
improving your outputs.

Go Get it Now!

FocusMe works with macOS, Windows 11, Window 10, Windows 8, Windows 7. Use almost any browser:
Google Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari and many many more.

You can also download our Android app for free.