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Stop Wasting Time on Your Phone & PC


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  • Develop a schedule for your workday that ensures you get the important stuff done
  • Limit your time daily or hourly on any website or application and easily save 2 hours per day
  • Work 25% more efficiently by avoiding multitasking


  • Get your Freedom back from social media with our website blocker
  • Go Cold Turkey and quit addictions such as games, gambling or porn.
  • Blacklist websites or apps for as long as you wish – a week, a month, a year, or forever!


  • Improve employee productivity
  • Prevent or time limit access to websites or apps
  • Enforce company policies

Protect your Children

  • Only allow your kids to play video games that you approve
  • Limit time spent on online and desktop games and websites
  • Track how your kids use the Computer

Stop Wasting Your Time on Distractions

How much time could you save per day using FocusMe?

We asked over 1000 customers how much time they saved per day on average when they use FocusMe.

  • 5+ hours/day
  • 3-4 hours/day
  • 2-3 hours/day
  • 1-2 hours/day
  • Up to 1 hour/day

FocusMe Helps You To…


  • Completely customize exceptions
  • Set exceptions according to your willpower
  • Temporary pauses if emergencies happen


  • Follow through when your mind has changed and “you don’t feel like it”
  • Set up long-term schedules and working routines that stick
  • Make good behaviour more automatic and bad behaviour more difficult


  • Put your productivity on auto-pilot by building habits that actually stick
  • Stop falling victim to your willpower and quit bad habits forever
  • Transform your unproductive behaviours into productive actions

FocusMe Helps You To…

Stay Flexible

  • Completely customize exceptions
  • Set exceptions according to your willpower
  • Temporary unlock if emergencies happen

Stick To Your Resolutions

  • Completely customize exceptions
  • Set exceptions according to your willpower
  • Temporary unlock if emergencies happen

Cut Bad Online Habits Forever

  • Completely customize exceptions
  • Set exceptions according to your willpower
  • Temporary unlock if emergencies happen

Our customers say it is the best software in its class,
and we think they are right…

  • Being a student it's impossible for me to study without a computer. It’s easy for me to get distracted when I’m fatigued after 10+ hours of studying.Over 2 years, I’ve used 3 other distraction blocking programs out there (AntiSocial, ColdTurkey, Freedom) and from the ones I’ve used, FocusMe is the best there is.No other program comes close in its ability to customize what you need blocked. You can set up scheduling so that it automatically blocks what you want without having to think about opening up the program. Taking the decision out of my day and leaving it automated has been one of the best tricks that have helped my productivity.Lastly, customer service is super responsive and very helpful!Overall it’s an amazing app that has a slight learning curve. However if you give it a chance and have it all setup, you really don’t have to think about it and can focus on only what’s important.

    Jonathan K. Medical student
  • I've tried several (including Cold Turkey) and found this one the most effective, robust, and the hardest to get around 🙂

    Tony R. Student
  • Such a great app! Only one that actually worked to block distractions when I still needed the internet.

    Ashley F. Student
  • Before using FocusMe, the biggest problem I had was that I was spending all my time on the internet or on videogames, and almost not working at all, which anybody can tell isn't an effective way to learn lessons. It was really frustrating because I wanted to work, but I was literally addicted to internet and everything. FocusMe forced me to stay productive, when I first tried it, I spend 10 minutes putting all the website and videogames I knew would distract me on the blacklist. After that, I immediately put forced focus, 'cause I'm pretty sure I wouldn't resist, and I've seen the results almost immediately : now that I had nothing else to do, I WANTED to work, and I'm working reaaally hard since that day. Now, not only I work more seriously, but I also have good conscience, because I was regretting screwing up my scholar time. Now my future looks a lot more on work, than on distractions. I think I would simply say that if they are people like me, who can't work in an effective way and who cannot split away from the temptation, FocusMe is the best way I've ever seen to resolve these issues. I would tell them "BUY IT, JUST BUY IT, you'll see how you're life will get much more easier and a lot less stressful".Thanks again, for the new start you just gave to my life 🙂 -Léo

  • FocusMe is an absolutely outstanding application. It feels like I've tried practically all of them and this has quickly become my new favorite. I've been mostly using Cold Turkey up until now, but I'm definitely going to switch.

  • You have no idea how much your software has effected my productivity. I’m a serious procrastinator, and I could never help it. But ever since I’ve purchased FocusMe, I’ve been on FIRE! I’m learning and being very productive, something I’ve always dreamt of, but never had any hope of achieving. I can’t even show how much I appreciate this from the bottom of my heart, Thank you

  • I just want to say thank you so much for making this program, I've tried so many others and yours is the only one that actually WORKS. I set a random password and sent it to my friend, there's literally no way for me to procrastinate anymore. I honestly cannot overstate how much this has changed my life.

  • FocusMe is a fantastic product. I love how flexible it is. I work from home and the temptation to just “flick over and read something on the internet for 5 minutes” means that my days can easily bust out to being twice as long as they need to. I love the feeling of security from myself that I get with this product.

    Sue E.
    Sue E. Professional Working at Home
  • FocusMe is exactly what I was looking for. It may seem a bit complicated at first, but it's not. You can configure it exactly for your need. I've created profiles like study, work even fun, set it up to work as a Pomodoro timer and I can say, I'm seeing I'm more productive after couple days of using it. It really helped me to fight procrastinating

    Morignus Student
  • As a script writer at Mega, the most viewed TV station of Chile I had the typical problems before using FocusMe: lack of concentration and focus. Before starting my worked I was distracted with checking Facebook or the news.FocusMe helped me to prevent myself from losing concentration at the computer. Now, I simply block Facebook and the pages I used to look at during the day. As soon as I try to open those windows, the software blocks them, forcing me to concentrate on what I have planned to do.The software allows me to schedule intense work sessions for 20-30 minutes (or more) where all I do is work and where the only thing I do not do is wasting time.Try it. worth it. You will learn to establish sessions of continuous and effective work.

    Pablo R. Script writer
  • When you work online at home for a living, it is incredibly easy to get distracted. In order to maximize my work session efficiency, I sought out good distraction-blocking software. Many of the alternatives will only block out URLs, but not software. Or, they would block URLs by simply editing the system’s HOSTS file (which is all too easy to bypass). Fortunately, I was finally able to find a piece of software that did exactly what I wanted it to. FocusMe blocks out both websites and software and doesn't use the HOSTS file at all to do so. It offers other great features such as being able to track exactly how much time you spend (waste) on specific applications, games, and websites. It has definitely helped me become more productive and has paid for itself many times over as a result. In fact, it’s rather amazing how much you can get done as you continue to block out more and more distractions.

    Tyler C. Internet Entrepreneur
  • My aunt, who is in her 80s, loves Focus Me too. Seriously: She’s a poet, and uses it when she needs to get some writing done.

    Andy R. Writer
  • FocusMe - the functionality and power is much more sophisticated compared to other tools of this nature.  Perfectly blocks apps, sites and scheduling which can be a little fiddly once started is a snap and functions perfectly.The deciding on emergency unlock randomised codes from 5 to 100 characters is a real boon also for those times when you HAVE to unlock something.Lastly most other apps like this still allow you to see task manager - this block access to TM during lockdown very well. I'm tempted to now procrastinate on working out how to get round this system =)But seriously a great product

    Hoddle C. Consultant
  • FocusMe is The best Productivity App I've ever tried (and I tried a LOT! ) I was struggling to study for my biggest exams ever (30 days remaining). I was only blaming myself for studying for just 1 hour or none a day. When I tried your app, I studied for 7 HOURS (50m focus - 10m short break - 30m long break every 4 Hours). Thanks a lot - you're literally saving my life! I'll recommend your app for all my friends and even on my YouTube channel in the future. Keep up the good work!

    Fadi Gattoussi Vlogger

Stop Wasting Your Time on Distractions

FocusMe is the most powerful Website and Application Blocker for Windows & Mac