If you found this page you must be looking for the differences between FocusMe and Cold Turkey. We are not experts on Cold Turkey but we think it is a good looking product.

Some of our users have used both products and we can share what they said about why they chose FocusMe:

Best procrastination blocker and amazing developer! 10/10. Out of all the website/procrastination blockers which I tried (Freedom, ColdTurkey, HeyFocus, LeechblockNG, etc) this one is the only one which has everything! – Filip J. https://www.trustpilot.com/reviews/5e879f5f086b6409542f39bb

This is brilliant… It’s much more flexible an app that others I tried (Freedom and Cold Turkey most notably), the only one I can’t get around…John Cremlim https://www.trustpilot.com/reviews/5e98c130086b6409bc864790

I’ve used K9, Mobicip, Cold Turkey, Freedom, you name it. None of those products even come close to FocusMe. Stop wasting time and start making a change in your life today! I’m glad I did. – Terry G https://www.trustpilot.com/reviews/5cd580d6a843690a7cd115dc

Seeing the development, care and level of detail in this program, in addition to the resilience of the blocker itself… I’ve used Freedom and Cold Turkey and this is better… – Haider Bassam https://www.trustpilot.com/reviews/5ebc1ed825e5d20a88949ff5

This is THE BEST PC self-help program I have ever come across. Better than cold turkey. It’s virtually impossible to get around, unless your a smart hacker/software programmer. Has seriously helped me focus on my schooling, and other important aspects of my life. Bryan Seare https://www.trustpilot.com/reviews/5c8c73a597afa10a488c4771

I’ve used Freedom and Cold Turkey, but FocusMe beats both. This little program provides you with tailor-made internet blocking. It features options that make it completely impossible to bypass scheduled internet blocks. FocusMe supports to Zen-life: Less distractions and more focus. – Gern-Jan https://www.trustpilot.com/reviews/5aa84260d5a5700d445879a9

At home I use Cold Turkey, which is also a splendid product, but it and about every other distraction-filter app requires administrative account privileges in order to be installed. Finally, I ran across FocusMe and the Non-Admin version of their PC app – the only one of its kind that I’m aware of – and I feel like my prayers have been answered. Before this I was miserable at my current job, and my performance was lacking. Literally overnight my performance is back on track and I’m actually enjoying myself at work. I’m so happy I have this option with FocusMe and I don’t even care if I sound like a commercial. Somebody out there I’ve never met made a solution for a problem that I usually have to fight tooth and nail just to get others to acknowledge, and I’m grateful way beyond the usual consumer/ business transaction. – Scott https://www.trustpilot.com/reviews/5c4a758297afa109e085d6cd