If you found this page you must be wondering if FocusMe is any good if you are a developer yourself. So we compiled this feedback from some of our customers who are also confirmed developers:

“I’ve been looking for this app for 20 years.
As a programmer, I should have made it myself, but I’m just glad someone did… Seriously though, this app is my holy grail.” 
– Lee N. 


“Great product! If you wanna beat your internet addiction, FocusMe is the way to go. For me as a software engineer it’s impossible to get around this tool. Almost. I found a way to bypass a specific part, but I reached out to the customer service and they fixed it within days! Since then I am addiction free and it’s impossible to get around this tool. This project is really alive and the customer support is really responsive and helpful. I tried a lot of tools, but this one seems to stick! Give it a try! It’s worth it!” – Markus. 


“Most useful app I used so far.
I refrained so far to give a review because I wanted to see if I can find a way to ‘trick the app’, but the features it brings are awesome, like the forced mode.
I can’t compare it with anything really. I tried apps with similar purpose and functions but I always found a way to ‘trick them’ into going back to something that’s not healthy for me. It saved my skin from procrastination. I’m not sure I could have made the change into being more productive without it.
Now I study about 8 hours a day alone in the house. Tried to do that for years and it never worked for long periods of time.


PS: With the help of FocusMe, I managed to learn software development at home in 6 months and I just found out I got accepted for an internship position as a full stack developer. I studied political science in school so that is quite a leap I made. Thanks FocusMe and the team behind it.” – Flavius. 


“I use the Breaks feature of FocusMe with great success.


I take a 10 min break from my screen every hour at work, which makes me more productive, more creative and feeling sharp throughout the working day. Making this a forced breaks, gives you no other choice than leave your screen. There is no way around it. At the moment that the breaks pops up, I often hate it, but at the end of the day, I have been more productive, I learned more, and I feel fresh in my head.

Besides that I have set a break from 10PM to 6AM every day, which helps me get 8 hours of sleep regularly.


The support is also great, when I find an issue, Jon often has solved it the next day!” – Kasper. 



FocusMe Success Story: Juan Menendez, Software Engineer



“I remember, after one or two weeks, I was finishing my work at like 3:00 PM, 2:00 PM. It was a really, really big improvement.”