5 Natural ADHD Management Strategies

ADHD management strategies

October is ADHD awareness month! Whether you have a child that has been diagnosed with the condition or simply struggle to concentrate as much you’d like, these 3 natural ADHD management strategies will make your life easier. ADHD is a controversial condition. Most mental health professionals and neuroscientists agree that it is a real disorder […]

Why Getting A Regular Dose Of Nature Is So Important

hiking nature

Breathing is the single most important thing you do. These amazing breathing techniques will get you through any situation… We humans have a tendency to take the most important things for granted. It sometimes even seems as if there is a direct correlation between the significance of something and our lack of thought about it. […]

Getting Out Of A Funk & Rebooting Your Life 101

Getting out of a funk

Getting out of a funk can be tricky at the best of times, during this pandemic it can feel impossible. Here’s how you can reboot your life. Sometimes you just feel stuck. This feeling can range from a sense of mild unease all the way through to a deep desperation to disappear. It can relate […]

Relearning to Read in an Info-Snacking Society

“I Can’t Focus When I Read Anymore.” When was the last time you sat down and truly sank into a good book? A book that takes you to another place, with imagery so clear it came alive? Where you could actually see the characters? Understood how they think and why? And the scenes typed on […]

Ambient Noise for Work: Drop that Funky Soul & Get Productive

Using Music and Sounds for Better Focus Are you currently leveraging the power of ambient noise to work more efficiently? Your auditory environment plays a huge role in staying focused and productive while doing knowledge work. You’ve probably already noticed, for example, how sudden noises so easily distract you and take your attention off the […]