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5 Quick Tricks to Increase Personal Productivity With FocusMe Today!

By Jon Rumens on 11 November 2020

How ANYONE Use FocusMe to Increase Personal Productivity Immediately? These 5 Tricks are Designed to do Just That...

Hey, have you ever wished better focus…

…Could be as simple as flipping a switch?

Or that your brain came with an on/off button for more productive habits…

…So you could lock yourself into new and more efficient action towards your goals whenever you wanted? And without some crazy learning curve or gargantuan effort?

Of course you do. We all do.

Unfortunately, changing deeply ingrained habits can be hard work!

And if you’re a procrastinator (or even just struggling to manage your time with all the digital noise around you)…The last thing you want is a complicated new system or software program that requires a mini education to get off the ground.

I mean, who has that kind of time?

No...What You Need are Simple Personal Productivity Fixes You Can Start Implementing TODAY for Immediate Results.

In this article, we’ll talk about some newbie-friendly ways FocusMe does that.

See, our personal productivity software is designed to take the self-discipline out of digital distraction management. By giving you tech tools you can use to FORCE yourself to make better decisions on your computer.

There’s a lot this software can do. Sure. We designed it to be the most robust personal productivity software on the market – and there are a lot of really cool technical things you can play around with.

But not all FocusMe users are tech savvy.

And not all want to spend hours of time learning the ins and outs of every function. Right now you just want to fire the thing up and see if it really makes an impact on your life, right?

So we’ve handpicked 5 simple ways just about anyone can use this software to get instant and exponential increases in personal productivity. With these tricks we wager you’ll get this up and running in 5 minutes for instant results.

Sound like hype?

You’ll see…

5 No-Brainer Ways FocusMe Can Increase Personal Productivity Starting Today!

(By the way, our free trial version lasts for a month, so that’s plenty of time to see the massive results from these simple tactics before committing to a membership. Stay tuned at the end of the article if you want to give it a try.)

Increase Personal Productivity Quick Fix #1: Lock Yourself Out of the Computer Late at Night

One of the most subtle yet damaging impacts our digital habits have on our lives is the way they affect our sleep.

The way most of us overuse our digital devices late at night becomes a destructive force in our lives without us even noticing. People all over the planet spend their entire evenings absorbed in social media, YouTube videos, and all kinds of mental junk.

Not only is this a waste of time but then we often take these devices to bed too…And lay awake for hours with our faces in the screens and our brains still on overdrive. Making sleep next to impossible!

You Don’t Need Me to Explain the Importance of Sleep for Mental and Physical Health.

But Healthline reports that sleep deprivation has drastic health consequences and even implications for “early death.” Not to mention that the mental effects on that Healthline list alone are enough WIPE OUT your personal productivity…

And research shows that the light from digital screens plays all kinds of tricks with your brain as well. Telling your subconscious it’s daytime when you should be winding down.

The effect on sleep quality and quantity can be disastrous. gives a good breakdown on how your devices interfere with melatonin and hormone production and wreck your circadian rhythm here.

So even if you don’t take the screen to bed, it can mess up your sleep bad.

Therefore, the first no-brainer way to increase personal productivity (and health) instantly? Simple. Turn off the computers and phones at night.

Okay…Easier said than done, though, right?

How FocusMe Makes This Personal Productivity Habit Easy:

FocusMe makes it really simple to create screen-free time at night (no willpower needed) – in our QuickStart video we introduce a built-in method for walling yourself off completely every night.

Here’s how it works. Use the blocking feature to shut yourself out of all the apps on your computer on a set schedule every night. For example, I lock myself out of the computer at 8:30 p.m. and then allow access again at 4 a.m.

You can set whatever schedule you like, but I do it this way for very specific reasons.

First, shutting myself out of the web at 8:30 p.m. provides ample time to wind down for the night. It creates a pattern my brain adapts to over time, and I naturally start getting a little more relaxed and sleepy around 8:30 – with nothing to distract me or keep me awake artificially.

End result is I usually end up going to bed way easier and sleep better.

But why allow access again at 4 a.m.?

This is more of a personal preference. It doesn’t happen everyday, but sometimes I wake up super early in the morning with a ton of mental energy. And over the years I’ve learned it makes more sense to get up and use that extra time for something productive rather than lay in bed awake until daytime.

This works for me, but with FocusMe’s handy scheduler you can choose your own hours. All free trial users get access to the walkthrough video of all 5 of these simple productivity hacks.

Increase Personal Productivity Quick Fix #2: Automatically Ration Your Social Media Time

Another big productivity killer these days needs no introduction: social media.

The invention of social media has radically altered the landscape of our lives, and certainly not always in good ways…Statista puts the average use of social media worldwide at over 2 hours per day.

Some of us believe people actually spend MORE time than this on social media, and Statista’s breakdown backs this up at least for younger people.

Do you ever pop into social just for a peek and suddenly 10 or 20 minutes fly by? An hour? These little diversions often recur throughout the day and add up fast without you even noticing how serious the problem has become.

Or…maybe you spend less than that on Facebook, but what other uses of your time could be categorized as social media? How often are you on chatting apps, in forums, or watching YouTube videos?

However, Most of Us Aren’t Ready to Give Up On Social Media Completely.

Maybe you enjoy the regular interaction with friends and family you don’t see on a regular basis. It can be good for dating or just killing some time in a waiting room – the social media revolution has created a situation where you never actually have to be bored…

Maybe you just don’t want to fall behind the times.

These are all decent arguments for spending at least some time on the socials.

The personal productivity solution, of course, is simply rationing your social media time. Give yourself no more than an hour every day, perhaps. Maybe ratchet that down even further as you learn to love the extra time you gain as a result – and eventually only allow yourself on social media certain days of the week.

You may be thinking, “Not a chance.” Right?

How FocusMe Makes This Personal Productivity Habit Easy:

Our software introduces some very easy-to-use features to increase personal productivity by rationing social media.

Here’s how it works.

In our QuickStart tutorial, we show you how to set up the “Time Limiter” feature for all your social distractions. The “Time Limiter” mode maintains a running clock of how many minutes or hours you’ve been on social media today – even if you’ve only popped in for short 5- or 10-minute chunks of indulgence at a time.

Set it for 1 hour per day, for example, and it politely shuts you out of all your designated social media distractions once your 1-hour ration is used up.

Can you see how that would be extremely powerful for regaining control of your life?

For some of today’s distracted professionals this can be a game-changer, and as soon as you turn it on, it works the magic FOR you…

Increase Personal Productivity Quick Fix #3: Wall Off Regular Time for Deep Work

Another way just about anyone can increase productivity starting today?

Set aside some time every day for 3 or 4 hours of deep, focused, undistracted work on your highest priority projects.

Make it a non-negotiable mid-morning ritual.

Strictly reserve this time for knocking out your highest value activities with zero interruption or multitasking – and NO allowance for any digital distractions during your focused work blocks. Many of today’s most elite performers rave about how deep work time radically transforms your output.

“But I Already Work WAY MORE Than 3 or 4 Hours!”

Is that what you’re thinking?

Well, the reality is most workers think they do but most definitely do not.

Most spend 8 hours (or more) of their workday jumping from one thing to another and never actually getting much done at all in the end.

But with time set aside for uninterrupted tunnel vision…

You start to see the priceless value of deeply focused work blocks to increase personal productivity. And you can get exponentially more done while only putting in 3 or 4 SERIOUS hours per day.

If you want to learn more about this concept and how powerful it can be, read “Deep Work” or “Digital Minimalism,” both by Cal Newport.

How FocusMe Makes This Personal Productivity Habit Easy:

Deep work blocks are life-changing…

…If you can pull it off.

But most procrastinators and distracted digital workers just can’t stay on task when they know they can hop online any time they want “just for a sec.” And don’t get me started on how dangerous it can be to allow email or chat notifications to interrupt you while you’re on your grind – huge mistake!

The solution is to create a scheduled block in FocusMe that completely cuts you off the internet for your 3 hours per day.  So simple but this will create HUGE jumps in productivity if you’re not doing it already.

In the QuickStart video we even show you how to block distracting apps while retaining access to other apps (or even websites) that you need during your focused work blocks.

Get our free trial download installed on your computer now and implement this habit ASAP – it’s the most no-brainer way we know to discover how fast 3 hours of tunnel vision per day can revolutionize the way you get things done.

Increase Personal Productivity Quick Fix #4: Set Limits On Your Email Time

Perhaps the second biggest time killer and distraction driver for today’s professionals (after social media) is the bottomless pit we call email.

It’s just such a convenient place to pretend like you’re busy when you’re avoiding the real work. And to make matters worse, most inboxes are full of emails from savvy marketers and webmasters who know how to push all the right buttons…

…And drag you down an infinite number of rabbit holes around the web.

Maybe you WANT to go down some of those rabbit holes. Fine. But do it on YOUR schedule and when YOU’RE in control. Not anytime the impulse grabs.

Because the problem arises when you spend half your day in your inbox chasing these shiny objects, one after another, instead of working.

Another issues with emails arises if you compulsively open it over and over again just to see if anything important has come in. Not only does all this scatterbrain activity waste a ton of time but it keeps your brain in “reactive mode,” where you’re always waiting on something else to trigger you into action – instead of choosing your highest leverage actions consciously and getting them done.

But can you really resist the impulse when email is DESIGNED to be so addictive?

How FocusMe Makes This Personal Productivity Habit Easy:

FocusMe has a great feature for limiting email and we show you exactly how to use it.

With the “Launch Limiter,” you can set rules that determine how often you can open your emails per day – as well as for how long. You can even force long breaks between each email account visit.

Let’s face it, most of us probably don’t need to check our email more than 3 or 4 times per day if we’re actually determined to increase personal productivity…But remember, YOU choose the rules based on your own professional needs.

Every rule you set up in FocusMe also comes with its own protection level.

For email, you may want to leave the option to change the plan later on instead of locking yourself out completely – just in case something super important comes up that you need to attend to…

Your mileage may vary. The important thing is the reins are in your hands…

Increase Personal Productivity Quick Fix #5: Take Regular Digital Fasts

These regular personal productivity habits are the best path to a more focused life – but sometimes you just realize you’re using your computer or the internet way too much and need a clean momentary break.

I’m talking cold turkey.

We recommend regular digital fasts for this. This can be anything from an hour to a full day to a week (whatever you want) where you can’t touch anything on your computer.

Maybe you just realize you need to reign in your attention for an hour and really get something random done. Maybe you just got off work and your head is pounding and you’re over it…and you decide you don’t want any temptation at all to get in your computer until morning.

Maybe you want to take a “Screen-Free Day.” Or maybe you’re on the vacation of your life and decide to fulfill the fantasy you’ve always had of taking a week off the computer. Doesn’t sound like a bad idea, right?

Like most new digital habits, all of this is easier said than done with your favorite online distractions constantly beckoning. And the ever-present potential for a moment of weakness to carry you away.

How FocusMe Makes This Personal Productivity Habit Easy:

Your free trial download of FocusMe includes a feature you can use to take random breaks from your computer whenever you need them.

Set your breaks however long you want – 1 hour, 8 hours, whatever. Once the plan is set up, all you have to do is open up your FocusMe and hit the start button any time you need that break. And you’re computer free until the clock runs out.

If you really want to take digital fasts seriously, you might even consider trying the “Force Mode” feature.

It’s a bit extreme for some people, but when you protect your personal productivity plans with maximum security (protect them from yourself, that is), there’s virtually nothing you can do to cheat yourself until the digital fast runs its clock out.

Of course, if you don’t want to go that extreme, set up milder forms of protection. For example, you can put a password on this plan and then have a loved one set it up for you – that way you can get into your computer if you really have to but only if you’ve got a convincing reason. 😉

In the QuickStart video we’ll introduce you to the varying levels of plan protection in FocusMe – from “so simple a child could get in” to “you better find something else to do today.”

Remember – FocusMe Does A Lot More Than Just These 5 Things!

We handpicked these ones today because we believe they have the most value for creating instant changes for the largest number of people who work or study online.

But we also designed this software for a high degree of specialization.

And we believe it’s the most robust personal productivity software on the market.

We’re not going to get into it all today, but just to give you an idea, here are a few additional things FocusMe can do:

  • Partially block some pages on websites while allowing access to others…
  • Tap into the power of our Pomodoro timer to build healthy, productive work patterns…
  • Maintain access to specific folders on your computer while shutting yourself out of others…
  • Get access to handy stats on your computer usage to see where your time actually goes…
  • Lock yourself out of or limit time spent on video games…
  • Sync your plans across various devices…
  • Create parental controls to protect your children from predators or age-inappropriate information…

You can learn more about our various features here or go check out our support videos to see what else is possible.

Want to See if These Tricks Create the Radical Personal Productivity Shifts You’ve Been Looking For?

We could talk ourselves blue in the face describing all the various ways FocusMe can (and does) change our users’ lives. But the best way to find out if it’s really for you…?

Go download the free trial version and implement one or all of these tricks today.

This software is designed to “force” change. So most people figure out right away that it creates an INSTANT RESULT – because when you force yourself out of your digital distractions…

…You don’t leave any choice to cheat yourself.

Imagine that…

And because the trial run gives you full unlimited access for a whole month, that’s plenty of time to see its effects on life and work.

If you’ve been struggling to stay focused, we urge you to check it out.

It just may be the smartest decision you make this year…