Avoid Multitasking, Master Time Management and Double Your Productivity

– Guaranteed (Without Even Thinking About It!)​

FocusMe Is THE All-In-One Website and Application Blocker for Windows and Mac
Automatically Block Time-Wasting Websites, Social Media and Games

What FocusMe Can Do For You

Double your Productivity

Develop a structure for your day that sticks

Start every day with the most important task and don’t allow anything else

Work 25% faster by avoiding mulitasking

Master your Addictions

Quit you gambling addiction and block games or poker clients

Quit your porn addiction and block porn sites forever

Limit your time on every website or application

Empower your Employees

Improve Employee Productivity

Prevent or limit the usage of certain websites

Enforce Company Policies

Protect your Children

Only allow your kids to play video games that you approve

Limit time spent on online and desktop games and websites

Track how your kids use the Computer

Double Your Productivity

Avoid Multitasking, Master Time Management and Double Your Productivity

- Guaranteed (Without Even Thinking About It!)

Stay Flexible

• Completely customise exceptions

• Set exceptions according to your willpower

• Temporary unlock if emergencies happen

Stick To Your Resolutions

• Follow through when your mind has changed and “you don’t feel like it”

• Set up long-term schedules and working routines that stick

• Make good behaviour more automatic and bad behaviour more difficult

Cut Bad Online Habits Forever

• Put your productivity on auto-pilot by building habits that actually stick

• Stop falling victim to your willpower and quit bad habits forever

• Transform your unproductive behaviours into productive actions

Take More Breaks During the Day

• Boost your energy level.

• Recover from constant stress and avoid burn out

• Never forget your lunch break again

Nothing Comes Between You and Your Productivity




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I'm now able to stay away from private email and distracting websites until I'm done with ALL my work for the day. By the end of the year, I had my business at a point where it made 15,000 dollars in a single week. I had never even seen that much money in one place before.

Thomas A
Internet Marketer

Focus Me is a fantastic product. I love how flexible it is. I work from home and the temptation to just “flick over and read something on the internet for 5 minutes” means that my days can easily bust out to being twice as long as they need to. I love the feeling of security from myself that I get with this product.

Sue E.
Professional Working at Home

Focus Me not only blocks time-sinking websites but also programs (for example, Outlook / ThunderBird. What’s the point of blocking email sites if you can sidestep them by using an email client?). Not only does Focus Me ban programs/sites discriminately but also allows you to take work breaks from your computer. In fact, it FORCES you to take breaks. Let’s be honest, very few people have enough self-discipline to take regular breaks. All in all, FocusMe is like a Swiss Army knife for the distraction junkie.

Warren S.
FocusMe Customer

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FocusMe Keeps You Safe

Block Time-Wasting Websites, Social Media and Applications