The Truth about Changing a Habit

How many times have you thought about changing a habit of yours without doing anything about it? How about getting started, but then finding yourself totally failing and forgetting that you had even begun a new regime in the first place? Too many times to count? Why is it so hard to create life-long transformation […]

How to Live your Life like it’s World of Warcraft

Question: ever played World of Warcraft? If you have, you know first-hand about the gravitational pull that game can exert in your daily life. If you haven’t, chances are very likely you know someone in your social circle who has. In any case, it’s a publicly known fact that people who get sucked into that […]

Ultimate Productivity Hack – The ‘Do It Later Junk List’

Hey there, Let’s be honest. Procrastination is something we all do sometimes. Whenever we’re supposed to do something that’s not super fun and exciting, something that requires hard, intense and deep work, it tends to happen that our brain gets in our way and finds lots of highly interesting, yet distracting activities that we might […]

Getting Motivated – The Final Chapter

So, today is going to be our final post in our series about motivation (I know, I’m sad too.). If you were able to apply some of the lessons we gave you before, you should have been able to build up a fair amount of real, internal, motivation. Today, we’re giving you the icing on […]