Fight Procrastination Day 2021

Fight Procrastination Day 2021

Fight Procrastination Day 2021: Just another silly made up awareness day or a genuine opportunity for self-improvement? The choice is yours… Yes, there’s a “day” for everything now. In fact, on most days of the year there are several holidays or awareness days going on, depending on where you live or which blogs you read. […]

The Essential Guide To Stay Calm On A Hectic Day

We all know that feeling of a hectic day that doesn’t slow down. Fortunately, it is possible to stay calm and focused, even when life is running on fast forward. Here’s how… For many people busy has become the norm, with many of us having to work what feels like 24/7 instead of just 9-5. […]

How Binaural Beats Work – Focus, Meditate, Sleep

How binaural beats work cover

In recent years, they’ve earned a reputation as a simple and effective life hack for better sleep, improved focus, greater productivity and more. Here is everything you need to know about how binaural beats work and if they are indeed what they’re hyped up to be. What are binaural beats? Before understanding how binaural beats […]

5 Amazing Natural ADHD Management Strategies

ADHD management strategies

October is ADHD awareness month! Whether you have a child that has been diagnosed with the condition or simply struggle to concentrate as much you’d like, these 3 natural ADHD management strategies will make your life easier. ADHD is a controversial condition. Most mental health professionals and neuroscientists agree that it is a real disorder […]

Ambient Noise for Work: Drop that Funky Soul & Get Productive

Using Music and Sounds for Better Focus Are you currently leveraging the power of ambient noise to work more efficiently? Your auditory environment plays a huge role in staying focused and productive while doing knowledge work. You’ve probably already noticed, for example, how sudden noises so easily distract you and take your attention off the […]

Successful Fiction Writing: Important Rules to Follow

successful fiction writing

There has long been a debate about whether fiction or non-fiction are more difficult to write. Fiction does require a lot of creativity while non-fiction will typically necessitate significant research. In both cases, a lot of preliminary work will be required. Building a convincing story and coming up with an interesting world, however, rank among […]

The Best Time Management Tips for Busy Students

Best Time Management for Students

Studies are increasingly putting emphasis on one single thing – students today are more distracted than any previous generation. Such distractions lead to the loss of time and a massive reduction in productivity. Whether you’re in high school or attempting to master the university curriculum, chances are that your time management efforts aren’t as effective as you’d […]

Work Smarter, Not Harder

5 Tools That Will Help You Finish Your Term Papers On Time While many students might romanticize the martyrdom that comes from pulling a few all-nighters to finish their term paper on time, this isn’t the only way to get things done. “Smart work is the concept that says, if you work more productively you […]