Productivity hacks of today’s successful entrepreneurs

Busy entrepreneur

Ever wonder how unicorn founders and the who’s who of online entrepreneurship, digital marketing, the tech industry, and startup community got to where they are right now? Productivity junkies like you may be curious – what’s their time management secret? How can they run the world and still find time to run, play video games, […]

How Titans Manage Time: Mark Cuban and Macro-Management


Today, were going to be looking how titans spend their time on a macro scale. When we talk about time management and scheduling your activities, we usually think of it in the micro (i.e., your daily schedule). This is good and necessary, since you need to take advantage of the quantitative reality that you only […]

How Titans Manage Time: Jim Rohn and Attracting Success

Attracting Success

Today, I finally hit my breaking point with a friend. For nearly two months, we’ve spent hours discussing how he can better market himself and his product. But most of the time was spent discussing his fear of failure, his insecurities, and his lack of time to get his business rolling. I tried to help […]

How Titans Manage Time – Richard Branson and Working Hard (But Also Playing Hard)

Working hard

Working hard, Playing hard Richard Branson, multi-billionaire owner of Virgin Group, wrote the followed in his LinkedIn profile: “Too many people measure how successful they are by how much money they make or the people that they associate with. In my opinion, true success should be measured by how happy you are.” Bill Gates and […]

How Titans Manage Time – Tim Ferriss and Funneling Your Days Efficiently


Next up on our titan pantheon is the writer and entrepreneur, Tim Ferriss, best known for his groundbreaking novel, The 4-Hour Work Week. We’ve covered the benefits of doing nothing from Warren Buffett, the productivity of a 100-hour work week from Elon Musk, and the reality that there is time to get shit done, as […]

How Titans Manage Time: Gary Vaynerchuk and “Do You Live for Friday?”

Gary Vaynerchuk

 Gary Vaynerchuk and “Do You Live for Friday?” Alright, my boy Gary, originally a wine entrepreneur, turned motivational speaker and life coach, laid it out real simple for you: there’s plenty of time to focus, be productive, and get shit done. But, you don’t focus on productivity. Instead, you focus on spending way too much […]

How Titans Manage Time: Elon Musk and The 100-Hour Work Week

Work hard

In the following video, Elon Musk gives a harsh and quantitative lesson on the power of work ethic. You Have to Work. Period. The last article in this series focused on Warren Buffett’s advocacy for free time doing “nothing,” except for thinking and problem solving free of distraction. While this is true, I made it […]

How Titans Manage Time: Warren Buffett and Free Time

Time Management

  Warren Buffett is an investor. He is also worth over $70 billion and is the second richest man in the world. In regards to convincing you that he is worth learning from, I don’t surmise I need any more evidence than this (if I do, you better be the richest man in the world. […]