The One Internet Setting That Gives You Your Life Back

The internet is by and large distracting… Entertaining, informative, useful, but also we can get so lost! In this day and age, practically everyone has experience losing hours of their life to scrolling on social media, clicking around here and there, youtubing, gaming, and googling who the spouse is of some interesting celebrity who just […]

Mental Health Welfare Boosts Workplace Productivity

We live in an enlightened age for mental health with much of the stigma of bygone years dissipated. Self-care and mental health welfare have become a staple of a healthy lifestyle, both inside and outside of the workplace. With better understanding, more support and resources have become available online and through different organisations. Support that […]

How Does Exercise at Work Affect Employee Productivity?

Employees take care of vital clientele. Yet many companies don’t respect their staff’s physical and mental health needs. Regardless of what the balance sheet says, employees are not liabilities — they’re a company’s greatest assets. When they’re taken care of, they produce rewards in the form of high productivity and profits. Does caring for staff members’ […]

Simple Ways to Start Your Morning Perfectly

Is your day determined by the morning? Studies suggest so. Mood, energy, productivity levels and quality of the interactions with others are all affected by the first things we do in the morning. This is the reason why building a perfect morning routine is of paramount importance. It can affect your job, your interactions with […]

Ways in Which Meditation Improves Life Quality

Is a meditation a part of your everyday routine? If the answer is negative, you may want to consider some changes in the near future. While a highly spiritual practices, meditation can have a number of important effects on your life (even on your health). Improving life quality through meditation is entirely possible and here’s […]

5 Important Habits for a Rewarding Life in a Digital Age

Living in a digital world comes with its advantages but there are multiple challenges we all have to learn how to manage. Information overload is a real thing and many people succumb under its pressure. What does it take to find the balance in a hi-tech, media-rich and highly engaging world? Navigating a digital lifestyle […]

6 Best Ways to Avoid Burnout as an Entrepreneur

For many, the emotional side of entrepreneurship can be difficult to handle. Entrepreneurs have to juggle many roles and very open, the original concept they start with falls flat and fails delivering. Stress is a common occurrence under the circumstances – 45 percent of entrepreneurs confirm that they’re stressed out. Juggling tons of responsibilities, stress […]