Stop Wasting Your Time on Distractions

How Valuable Are the Lost Hours In YOUR Day?

We asked over 1000 customers how much time they saved on average after
they started using FocusMe to block out distractions and zoom in on work…

Here’s what they told us:

Think about it. Even at just $20 per hour, saving 2 hours a day
could amount to $10,400 per year!

Saved Time Helps FocusMe Users
Accomplish So Much More:

If You’re An Entrepreneur: You can build better systems to grow your business and watch your profits jump…
If You’re a Student: You can finish school faster and with way better grades, saving money on college and opening up more opportunities for your early career…
If You’re an Employee: You can prove your worth for promotions and find ways to become indispensable to your company, or break into opportunities at better firms…
If You’re Any Human: You can take on more clients, make more sales, find time for a second job, start a side biz, get trained in new skills…Or you can just enjoy life more!

So most people would agree that FocusMe pays for itself by a long shot.

But We Still Keep It Cheap and
Available to Everyone

With a Payment Option for Every Budget (And a 100% Risk-Free Guarantee)


billed monthly

A month of productivity
at $0.27 a day


billed every year

Save 50% on a year of getting things done

3 Years

billed every 3 years

Get three years access for the price of two!

30% discount for Student and Educators Get Discount →

You’ll Also Get Buyer Protection With Our 60-Day
Unconditional Money Back Guarantee

Every purchase is fully-protected by our 100%
Satisfaction-Guarantee. So there’s really no risk
to jump on this offer now. If FocusMe doesn’t
fit your needs, let us know within 60 days. We’ll
send you a prompt refund within 24 hours.

No problem!

Rather Try It First?

Let’s make it a no-brainer.

Installing the software is so simple a teenager can do it.
Set it up on your computer and try it out for two weeks,
free of charge. And watch your productivity soar.

Just a Warning Though:

Sometimes a Free Trial Becomes Another Reason to Procrastinate

So Buy Now and Commit To A More “Focused You” Today!

Simple pricing. Full-featured plans.

60-day money back guarantee.

Cancel anytime.

Remember: You Won’t Find Any Other Website Blocking Tool Like This on The Internet

#1: It Doesn’t “Negotiate”

Look, there’s no sense in a procrastination app that allows you to “change your mind” as soon as you start feeling lazy. That’s why FocusMe takes getting more productive seriously! It’s a giant gulp of relief if you’ve tried again and again only for your Monkey Mind to sneak in and sabotage results… Play with it at first to get a sense of how the features work – if you keep slipping, take a hardcore reset that forces habit сhange.

  #2: Offers Way More Control

FocusMe recognizes you have a different lifestyle, work needs, specific addictions or challenges, and set of goals than anyone else. A tool that forces you to do things our way would only be a nuisance. So every level of this tool is ompletely customizable to serve you in ways that matter most to YOU.

  #3: Long-Term Behavior Change

Immediately knocking down your procrastination is a great first blow. But we want it to stay down. FocusMe is also purposely designed to help create better long-term habits and strengthen your brain’s ability to focus – in an increasingly digital world that’s what it’ll take to get successful and stay that way!

We Provide Dedicated Support to Show You How to Use It

Don’t let this tech intimidate you – we’re in this together!

And we pride ourselves on not only having the best web blocker but also the best customer support on the market. Join our support forum or submit a ticket any time you need help getting FocusMe to do what you want it to. We promise to get back to you within 24 hours!

Have some feedback? A tricky feature request? Tell us!

We’ll do what it takes to help you set up if you        contact us here.

Start Getting More Done Today

Look, Maybe You’re Still on the Fence
About Increasing Focus

For some people, the most dangerous part of NOT trying this tool is doing
what they’ve always done… Because for some people, trying to “quit” doing
the same old thing (without extra help)…Means never finding the time to
actually live the life you meant to live…

See, most procrastinators have already tried every trick in the book…But
nothing ever works! Or it works for a time. But old habits slowly creep back
in and take over… And once the time is gone… You can’t ever get it back.

But You Haven’t Tried This!

Bottom Line: FocusMe isn’t just a good idea. It works! It has worked for
thousands of people who needed to get a grip on negative digital habits…
To regain their independence and identity…

And use their time the way it’s meant to be used… For living. It’s a tool proven to break you away from distraction & digital addiction… And learning this kind of damage control is the one thing no one can afford to put off for “someday”…


A Few Common Questions

How Many Devices Can I Use FocusMe On?

We now allow up to 5 desktop computers per license! (PC or macOS). But the license should not be shared between multiple users, unless you’re a parent using it for kids under 18. You can also transfer your licenses to new computers if you change them. Also, you get our Android app for free – that doesn’t take up any of your device licenses.

Can FocusMe Sync Plans Between Devices?

Yes. FocusMe can sync plans between devices on both Windows and Mac (we’re working on the Android version).

What Type Of Payments Do You Accept?

We accept credit/ debit cards and use Stripe to process these securely. We also accept PayPal.

How Do I Cancel My Subscription?

You can cancel your subscription any time you need to on your my account page or contact us and ask for help.

Can I Request a Refund?

Just contact us within 60 days of your purchase and we’ll issue your refund within 24 hours. No questions asked!

Other Common Questions.


Ready to get started? Go Try it Out!