To Live a Great Life, Learn to Live Offline

It seems inevitable… In today’s world, we’re surrounded by screens. We seem destined to live life behind our computers, our tablets, our smartphones. We get drawn in by Twitter, Facebook, reddit, YouTube, news websites, countless blogs, podcasts, the list goes on and on. It seems almost like an obligation to take part in this. As […]

5 Reasons You Should Use Headphones at Work

Listening to music is one of the most relaxing activities that you can do while you are busy. Many people do not really mind being under too much pressure as long as they can wear their headphones and work. Whether you are working on a file or you are into some tasks that require physical […]

7 Best Types of Music to Listen to for Office Productivity

The modern workplace is an ever-evolving landscape which is increasingly adapting to the needs and desires of the employees rather than the company itself. Somewhere in that spectrum, there is a sweet spot where employee happiness and company success meet. It is already said that a happy workforce makes for better results for the company […]