Our Story

Nearly a decade ago, I was in a vicious cycle of procrastination. I had just started a new job working from home and had deadlines to meet for important projects. It was a real struggle. The same struggle that plagued me all through University.

No matter what I tried to motivate myself, I just couldn’t stay on task. My favourite way to distract myself was playing multiplayer games and browsing social media. My work was slipping, and I was becoming desperate to break my bad habits for fear that I would otherwise lose my job.

After trying almost every way to keep myself on track and failing, I had realized I needed a way of blocking myself outright and began looking for software to help. The excitement of finally finding a tool that promised to block my temptations was quickly overturned by realizing how easy it was for me to disable and bypass.

It was as if I had two conflicting personas, one that knew what I truly wanted and what it would take to get there and the other that feared change and success and would lure me back to where I was comfortable, “procrastinating”. With the deadline looming over me I was defeated, back at square one and back to the drawing board.

As a last-ditch effort I decided to try and create an extension for the software that could stop me from by-passing it and after a few days of tireless coding it was time to try it on myself. I was anxious because I had just spent precious time working on a solution that could ultimately fail like everything else I had tried…

To my amazement and relief, it worked! I was finally able to set and stick to blocking my online distractions, but what I didn’t realize at the time was just how well it would work for my future. Since I was unable to give into temptations, I spent more time working on my priorities. With time, I felt my focus beginning to improve.

This solution transformed my life and I can honestly say that because of it, I reached new levels of success in my life and career.

Over time I wanted more features, so as a hobby I built my extension into a standalone application. Since it worked so well for me, I decided to share it with the world. It was 2010 and I had created a simple website called distractionblocker.com to offer my app.

I began making some sales and immediately receiving feedback and requests. This was a turning point in my life because it made me realize I could have a positive impact on people’s lives. People that were going through the same struggles as me. I knew I could help a lot more people change their lives if I was able to commit more resources to improving the product and get the word out to more people.

So I founded FocusMe, and eventually quit my day job too. Now I am privileged to have a team of staff who have joined me.

It is our mission to use the science of habit formation and pre-commitment to fight distractions and give back control of your time, empowering you to achieve your dreams.

Jon Rumens
FocusMe Founder


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