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Instantly unleash your true potential by taking control of your online habits and eliminating all obstacles.


Social Media + Adult + Streaming + News + Shopping + Gambling


Remote Work +  Blocking/Allowing Specific Apps/Websites + Pomodoro

Work-Life Balance

Sleep Optimization + Scheduling + Switch Plans + Block Computer + Build Habits

Even if you have the strongest conviction to live at your full potential, you are at a major disadvantage.

The largest companies in the world are spending billions to keep us distracted.

It has been impossible for us to practically fight back.

Until now.

This software literally changed my life. For the past 4 years, I fell victim to my own distractions.
However, with the help of this amazing program, I have been able to set them aside and work
towards what truly mattered, my future. Words can’t describe the burden that was lifted off me.

– Davius Funderburk

Hundreds of millions of us are drowning in websites and apps that offer unlimited temptation, stimulation, and information overload.

FocusMe is an automated distraction eliminator that enables you to take control over your priorities once again. With FocusMe, you can finally be free to pursue your goals distraction-free.

Block, limit, or ration websites and applications
Pre-made plans to customize your experience
Use statistics to monitor your behavior
Use “Forced Mode” to eliminate distractions
Use “Limit Mode” to prevent constant re-checking
Use “Punishment Mode” to prevent loopholes.

Can You Afford NOT to Get FocusMe?

We calculated the average daily time saved of over 1,000 FocusMe users. The verdict?

They saved 3.24 HOURS A DAY

At $27 per hour average US wage, that’s 3.24 hours x $27/hour x 255 workdays/year:

That’s $22,307 SAVED PER YEAR!!

FocusMe costs less than a quarter per day. What are you waiting for?

If you are having trouble with distractions, you have two choices:

1.  Try to gain freedom through YEARS of applied discipline


2. INSTANTLY gain freedom from your distractions using FocusMe

The FocusMe Advantage:

INSTANTLY Gain Freedom

Pre-Made and Customizable Plans

99.9% Block Rate

Save Hours Each Day

Eliminate Loopholes and Workarounds

Auto-Updated Blocklists

Automate Your Way to Better Habits

Limit Rechecking Social Media

Easy and Immediate Setup
Automated Scheduling
Instant Results

"I feel good about myself..."

Let me start out by saying, I love FocusMe. What a game changer it is! Once it it in Forced Mode, it takes over my desktop and laptop and there is not way around it except through it.

I cannot shut it off, change it, pause it, uninstall it, or anything, until my set session is over.

During that time, I just work. I feel good about myself because I know I can do what really matters to me. I don't feel like a failure. I have more confidence in myself. I am in control, not my emails, social media, the news, or online shopping!

Thank you, FocusMe, for a remarkable product.
- Annette
March 22

"FocusMe is a life-changing app..."

Managing time is a vital thing for me... I have tried every single productivity app available and FocusMe is by far the most efficient app.
Everything is perfect: the app, the support, and the communication team. The interface is straightforward with plenty of plans that are customisable. Forced Mode is my favorite... It blocks all the distractions until the plan is finished. FocusMe allowed me to know my real potential... Blocking distractions showed me how productivity can change by just preventing yourself from wasting those negligible seconds on social media.
- Abdelkrim
May 5
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"This app saved my life..."

I tried, and other free website extensions like blocksite, etc. But I never succeeded because I always gave in to the urges because I always found a way to disable it. I failed many times. But my whole perspective changed when I tried FocusMe. It's an extremely powerful and an intelligent tool. You just can't cheat this software. It's not an app, its a strict teacher that will go above and beyond to fix you.

To make this app more strict, you can check its advanced settings. And enable it accordingly to your needs. This app saved my life and I will recommend it.
- Ed Scott
May 31

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