Finally Conquer Your Digital Distractions

A fully-customizable content blocker that prevents workarounds. Change your online habits to instantly win back wasted time.

  Block, limit, or ration use of time-sucking websites & apps.
  Build better habits for long-term willpower.
  Powerful “force” mode when you need to go nuclear.
  Try It Free Now. No Credit Card Required.
  Works on Windows, Mac, 100% Free on Android!

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“Words can’t describe the burden that was lifted.”

This software literally changed my life. For the past 4 years, I fell victim to my own distractions. However, with the help of this amazing program, I have been able to set them aside and work towards what truly mattered, my future. Words can’t describe the burden that was lifted off me.


– Davius Funderburk

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How Can FocusMe Help Achieve Your Goals?

I Want to Beat Distractions & 10x My Productivity!

I Want to Protect My Children Better Online

I Want My Team To Focus More & Get Things Done

Are Your Devices Destroying Your Self-control?

Digital overwhelm is a giant threat to modern knowledge workers,
students, and entrepreneurs who want to get things done…

And it can feel nearly impossible to fight back.

Do your “10-minute distractions” constantly turn into hours, even days, of wasted time?
Ever jeopardized or lost a sure thing because guilty online pleasures lured you off track Resulting in repeatedly missed deadlines, empty promises, and disappointed expectations?
Have you ever lost entire days to video games, social media, or porn? Or been so glued to the screen you lived on fast food and barely left the house?
Are compulsive habits bleeding into every area of your life, even affecting relationships with the people you love?
Do you work, study, or run a business online…and feel like the superhuman effort needed to focus robs you of your true potential?

Fact: The Digital World is Designed to Be Addictive…

Yes, app designers and marketers purposely tap your biological buttons to feed addiction and compulsive use. Creating feedback loops to control your attention and keep you hooked… With reptile-brain promises of excitement and good-feels…

END RESULT: “Tools” that promise to make life simpler all too often turn against you. And the worst part about fighting this kind of addiction is most of us just can’t step away from our devices completely…

There’s Still A Way to Break The Cycle

(Even if you’ve tried every productivity trick in the book and fallen flat on your face.)

We’ve seen so many people who felt completely lost online find their way back.
Often getting 3, 4, 5, or more hours of their time back every single day…
With the right set of tools and a better strategy. You can beat the tech world at its own game. In a way that builds your character, strengthens your resolve, and unleashes your true potential at work and beyond.

Imagine a Completely Different
Relationship with Work

Taking control of your focus with the push of a button for immediate jumps in productivity (and often income)

Delaying gratification and avoiding distraction so the goals and aspirations you keep putting off for “someday” become achievable NOW

No more feeling out of control, reclaiming tons of free time and finding new ways to lead a more enjoyable, fulfilling life.

Making the right choices again and again consistently building your character by withstanding the digital noise and unleashing your true potential at work and beyond.

Reaching a light at the end of the tunnel of addictions to gaming and pornography (and with destructive behaviors gone you have a lot more time for real relationships again)

Hi, I’m Jon Rumens.

And I’m Glad You’re Here.

Because I know what it’s like to feel like you have no control over your own habits and focus.
And like your time is constantly disintegrating, no matter how hard you try to stay on track.

See, around a decade ago, I was drowning in a vicious cycle of procrastination. I’d just started a new programming job working from home – with the remote freedom I’d been dreaming of for a long time. But suddenly I had all these crucial deadlines to meet.

And I Just Couldn’t Find it in Myself to Focus.

(It certainly wasn’t the first time I’d battled procrastination.)
The deadlines weren’t even all that demanding, but I kept
dropping the ball anyways. Everyone has their kryptonite when it comes to digital devices.

My favorite way to distract myself?
Playing multiplayer games and browsing social media for hours  and hours on end. No matter what your poison, the end result is the same.

My work was slipping. Hard. I was going to lose my great job
if I wasn’t careful. And I was desperate to break my bad habits before they broke me.

Have You Ever Felt Like Two Sides of You
Were At War?

I sure did. One side that knew what I truly wanted. And what it would take to get there. And another that feared change (and success) to an EXTREME.

This troublesome side not only lured me back to
procrastination, even as deadlines loomed – but it’d actually
work hard to sabotage my efforts. For example, I bought
Web-Blocking Software to cut myself off from my biggest
distractions. But the effectiveness was short-lived.

This “other me” would always figure out a way to disable and
bypass the software so I could cheat again.

Obviously A Far More Powerful Anti-Distraction
Tool Was Needed

I was a programmer, so I took matters into my own hands. I tried creating
my own app. One that would stop me from by-passing my Web Blocker.
After a few days of coding, it was complete enough to test.

I have to admit… I was a little anxious. I’d just spent a lot of precious (and
scarce) time working on this shot in the dark.

What if it failed like everything else? But it worked.

It Changed My Life And Saved My Career!

Yes, I was FINALLY able to stick with blocking my online distractions…
FINALLY, caving to temptations wasn’t even an option.
And I FINALLY spent more time working on things that actually mattered.


Over time, I wanted more features for my “baby.” So it got more powerful.
I built my extension into a standalone application.
And my powers of focus got stronger too…even when I didn’t have the app.
Yes, I’m talking LASTING change!


The tool worked so well I knew I had to share it with the world.
So, I founded FocusMe and quit my day job to create the best possible
productivity app and web blocker on the planet.

FocusMe Is MUCH Bigger Than Me Now

I’m thrilled  people are still using and loving this product. And I still love reading
the 5 stars reviews to remind myself how this tool changes lives.

Now we’re here to change YOUR life for the better. Many companies make that promise.
But I’ve watched this productivity tool save thousands of people from drowning in digital
distraction. By empowering them to hold debilitating addictions at arm’s length.

And take their lives back.

Let’s use proven science in habit formation and pre-commitment to help you fight back
and regain control of your time.

FocusMe is Already Changing
Thousands of Lives!

What Is FocusMe?

FocusMe is the most powerful app available for online workers who want to lock themselves out of Websites, Apps, and Games on their phone or computer. To finally  put a stop to procrastination and ramp up their ability to accomplish their most important goals. Millions of  people just like you are drowning in a sea of temptation, stimulation, information overload, and distraction.

FocusMe brings you up for air.

It’s a “pre-commitment device” you install on your computer or phone. So fleeting brain distractions stop getting in the way of your real priorities.

Ramp Up Productivity

Develop an airtight workday schedule to ensure you always do the most important things first…and create long-lasting momentum in your career or business….
Limit your time to daily or hourly rations on any website or application threatening to jeopardize bigger priorities (46% of our customers save 3 hours per day and often a lot more!)…
Work up to 69% more efficiently by stamping out multitasking and laser in on the actions that move you forward…

Master Your Addictions

Get your Freedom, your Dignity, and your Life back! Social media is a powerful force, but it’s no match for FocusMe’s fully-customizable “Force Mode”…
Cut back or go Cold Turkey…or completely quit addictions like gaming, gambling, or porn that drag you down without adding value to your life…
Block websites or apps for as long as you wish – a week, a month, a year, or forever! FocusMe gives you complete control again…

Find Out What Fulfills You

Break away from draining cycles of self-sabotage and wallowing in regret…No matter how many times you’ve walked the circle of procrastination, a sense of consistent accomplishment will charge you up again!
Watch how fast things change when you develop tunnel vision for positive things like being present with family or taking a wholehearted swing at your dreams…
More inner peace, calm, and restorative relaxation outside work (because you’re finally productive enough to get off the computer and enjoy it)…

But How Does FocusMe Work?

Discover how the different features make this the most powerful
personal productivity software available.