Rechannel Your Team’s Attention
Back to the Objective for a More Focused,
Productive Organization

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FocusMe Productivity Software

These Tools Make Knowledge Workers Up To 69% More Productive!

We asked over 1000 users how much time they saved on average after
they started using FocusMe to block out distractions and zoom in on work


Here’s what they told us:

Think about it.
Even at just $30 per hour, saving a mere 3 hours a day
could amount to $23,400 per year for one employee!

Or $156,600 for a small team of 10.

What Else Can FocusMe Do
for Your Company?

Keep Teams Focused And Working Hard On The Objectives
Boost Workplace, Morale, Overall Happiness And Job Satisfaction
Increase The Productivity Of Every Individual You Count On
Gather Crucial Data For Important Company Decisions
Cut Down on Multitasking, Goofing Off, and Digital Distraction
Save Time, Lower Costs, And Increase Organizational Efficiency

How We Get Employees Motivated, Focused,
And Narrowed In On What Matters Most

Accurate Analytics On
How Workers Spend Time

Automatically track time people
spend on various websites, apps, and
company devices – with visual charts
displayed by user or team. Categorize
the most productive or unproductive
time to identify and improve your
problem points. All data is easily
exportable to put it to whatever use
you need.

Minimize Common Distractions On The Clock

With the automated scheduler,
everything runs without daily
management. Keep staff off Facebook,
Youtube, Twitter, or any other site
during work hours. Make internet
accessible only during certain times
of the day. Define optimal work
schedule, set the Scheduler, and
watch how much the team gets done!

Block Websites,
Applications, or The
Entire Web

Restricting internet or website
access often means people fill that
distraction time with games, chats,
and other time-wasting apps. But
FocusMe provides the ability to shut
down problem apps with your plans
too. Block the worst ones or shut
them all down and retain access to
the few they actually need

Multiple Layers Of Plan Protection Make
It Very Hard To Be Unproductive!

Random Password Generator

Require FocusMe to generate a random string
of characters (as short or long as you want) for
users to type in when trying to pause, stop, or
edit a plan. Entering a few dozen obnoxious
characters to interrupt focused work is often a
great pattern interrupt to inspire better choices.

Custom Password Options

Make plans that are easy to unlock but then
give the custom password only to one person
on the team. That way if someone really needs to
unblock your sites, they can…but they’ll need a
good explanation for why it’s important enough
to interrupt protocol.

Force Mode!

And of course, if you want to remove all
possibility of pausing or editing plans at all,
you can set up forced blocking mode. This is
what FocusMe is really known for. With this
setting activated, nothing will let anyone
in. Warning: Use with caution!

Robust, Non-Negotiable
Focusing Tools

Blocking Is Instant -
No Restarting

There’s no need to restart browsers or
clear their cache when you launch new
focus plans. Just set up the software in
two minutes and start getting things

Impossible To Bypass

FocusMe is the most robust productivity
app on the market and designed to keep
even the most technical people on staff
from finding workarounds. Restarting
computers makes no difference, and you
can even tell FocusMe to protect itself
from being uninstalled…

100% Customizable To Suit
Your Organization

Filter Out Usage Stats
During Off Hours

If your people are taking devices home and
getting on Youtube, you don’t want to track
that and mess up your data. Set up simple
filters to make sure you only capture what

Create Various Plans All
From a Central Location

Easily create focus plans with varied permission
levels for different teams and groups. For example,
you can give higher-level management the ability
to set their own parameters but restrict other
teams from editing their plans.

Customizable Transparency

Run FocusMe completely in the background,
providing data on how employees spend their
time without being intrusive or obvious. Or you
can make it completely transparent – just
knowing it’s there is often enough to keep
employees from wandering off track.

Put The Power In Their Hands!

Don’t want to over-monitor your employees?
This software is originally designed for individuals
who want to instantly increase productivity while
simultaneously building better long-term habits.
So it works no matter who controls it! Just by
showing workers how to monitor their own data
and use these tools you can see massive shifts in

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