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Tools to Help You Get the Most from Your Revision and Study Time

By FocusMe Team on 20 March 2018

These tools and tips will help you remain focused when it matters most


“My advice is to never do tomorrow what you can do today. Procrastination is the thief of time.” – Charles Dickens

When it comes to study and revision time, focus is essential, but logging on and grinding down can sometimes prove easier said than done.

We know that being a student isn’t all societies, social clubs, bar hopping, and sleeping in.

It’s hard work, especially if you have other commitments to attend to.

And with schedules packed tighter than a clown car, there are never enough hours in the day.

Not only can the pressure of that big midterm or life-defining exam serve to hinder your productivity, but with the seemingly infinite distractions of the digital world always doing press-ups outside your door, procrastination seems almost inevitable.

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A recent study suggests that presently, there are around 2.53 billion active smartphone users worldwide.

While mobile technology can enhance study and revision time, the potential for distraction is far greater than that of a traditional textbook. That said, if you are reading from a textbook and sitting near a fridge or TV set, you could find yourself migrating from your desk quicker than Speedy Gonzales on roller skates.

We’ve all been there. Big exam looming, forehead sweating, sixth coffee brewing, staring blankly at words that just aren’t sinking in. Then, before you know it, it’s midnight. And you’ve learned nothing, except how to brew the perfect espresso.

The point is: when it comes to study and revision time, it’s easy to lose focus – but when an important test or coursework deadline looms, getting the job done and maintaining solid productivity levels is essential.

To help you do just that, here is a guide to the tools you need to make the most from your revision and study sessions.


Study and Revision Time Tools

Tools for Studying

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Besides the issue of time management, one of the downfalls of studying and revising is retaining colossal amounts of information in a relatively short amount of time. It’s like trying to run a marathon in three minutes.

But there’s a way around this problem.

Synap is a productivity app based on Spaced Repetition – a learning technique that helps the human brain memorize huge amounts of information – and it’s the perfect solution for an intense cramming session.

This cutting-edge study application’s Spaced Repetition algorithm is incredibly powerful, allowing it to create bespoke learning plans based on your topic of expertise. A sure-fire solution to your revision and study woes.

Try Synap and you’ll have the memory of a Nobel Prize winning elephant in no time.


Sometimes in long-winded lectures, there’s no substitute for the good old fashioned pen and paper. At times, a tablet or laptop keypad just isn’t fast enough.

But what if there was a happy medium? Wait, there is.

If you’re an IOS user and a student preparing for the exam of all exams, you’re in luck – Penultimate is a free, highly valuable study app.

An award-winning development from organizational meisters Evernote, this intuitive digital handwriting service will give you the power to scribe down piles of notes during a critical studying session. What’s more, you can access them from your mobile device or desktop anytime, anywhere.

So, even if your concentration does lapse during a study or revision session, you’ll be safe in the knowledge that your handwritten notes are waiting for you in digital format whenever you need them. A real winner.


When you’re a student, your academic pursuits are just the tip of the iceberg. You also have to feed yourself, manage your time, take on gargantuan piles of laundry, manage your budgets, all while maintaining your social life.

That said, when it is time to study, sometimes your brain can feel as muddled as your sock drawer.

Enter mind maps.

Mind maps can boost productivity as they help you organize your thoughts, notes, insights, and ideas visually. And despite mind mapping being an age-old revision method, it’s still as valuable today as ever.

Taking the notion of mind mapping into the digital realm, iMindMap facilitates the creation of mind maps through an integrated sketch tool and a host of fun-filled digital add-ons.

Not only will this engaging productivity app hold your attention; you can also use it to record audio notes before syncing to the cloud to access them from multiple devices.

Consider your mental muddle over.

If you’re looking to enhance your studies by staying super focused at all times –  


check out these quickfire tips right now!



Let’s face it – sometimes reading pages upon pages of text is downright dull. It’s no wonder you often find yourself sitting at your desk dreaming of happy hour when you should be studying. Are we right?

So, why not try something a little more stimulating? A little more visual, perhaps.

Strong visual cues could be the key to memorizing data. So, when you’re neck-deep in endless facts and figures, a striking visual stimulant will help you stay focused. Call it caffeine for the eyes and brain.

GoConqr’s wonderfully immersive and entirely addictive platform uses a mix of flashcards, slides, user quizzes, and more to help you break down head-bulging subjects into digestible chunks.

By doing so in an illustrative way, this study and revision app will ensure you keep your finger on the pulse for enough time to make your study or revision session truly valuable.

Or at least until the pizza man arrives.


Revision and Study TIme

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Study and Revision Time Hacks

The above tools will help you remain engaged during your studying and revision sessions while helping you squeeze every single drop of value from each hour spent sitting at your desk or home office.

In addition to the amazing study and revision tools detailed above, here are some hacks that will help you on the lead up to your big test or deadline:

  • Amazon Prime trial: Did you know that Amazon Prime offers a free six-month trial specifically for students? You do now. Sometimes, during your quest to revise or study, you’ll find yourself surfing the web to source additional materials you might need for the job, and this can lead to digital distraction – or even impromptu social media sessions that last for hours. You can lose days flicking through your various social media feeds. Anyhow, we digress.

If you have access to your free Amazon Prime service and it’s bookmarked on your browser, not only will you be able to order the materials you need quickly, but you’ll also avoid visiting sites that might lead you down the slippery path to procrastination.

  • Google search shortcuts: The mighty Google search engine is perhaps one of the most important information gathering tools on the planet.

But did you know you could optimize your searches to make them extra efficient?

To utilize the power of Google search shortcuts, you can do the following:

One. Search for information on a particular website by adding ‘Site:’ followed by the domain itself.

Two. Punch in your subject matter followed by ‘filetype:ppt’ to gain access to relevant lecture slides on demand.

  • App blockers and website blockers: Have you ever wondered how to block social media or how to block a website to avoid distraction? Well, our app and website blocking platform not only limits or blocks sites to help boost productivity, but it also helps to enhance time management with the scheduling feature. Consider Facebook Messenger and SnapChat disabled.

If you want to knuckle down, revise and stay focused, taking detrimental digital distractions out of the picture will help – and app and website blockers like ours do just that.

“Stay focused, go after your dreams and keep moving toward your goals.” – LL Cool J

No one ever said that revision and study time was easy. Use these tools, tips, and hacks to your advantage and allow plenty of time to prepare for your test, exam, or deadline. After it’s all over, you can sit back and enjoy the success you deserve.

Good luck and have a look at our Quickfire Tips to stay focuses while studying!

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