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The One Internet Setting That Gives You Your Life Back

The internet is by and large distracting… Entertaining, informative, useful, but also we can get so lost!

In this day and age, practically everyone has experience losing hours of their life to scrolling on social media, clicking around here and there, youtubing, gaming, and googling who the spouse is of some interesting celebrity who just flashed across the screen… Who is she? Right?!

It’s pretty ridiculous where we end up sometimes…

So in the spirit of living a productive, healthy, meaningful life, let’s look at one powerful gamechanger you could actually set up tonight to keep you from mindless interneting in the months and years to come.

This one structure can dramatically improve your daily mental health, give you a boost in physical health, relationships, money, and life purpose.

So here’s what it is:

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Blocking Yourself From Accessing The Internet From Evening To Morning

What does that mean exactly?

It means using a productivity app or other method to arrange that you literally cannot get on the internet from a specific time at night until a specific time in the morning.

You’re protecting a portion of your day. It could be 8pm to 8am, it could be 10pm to 7am – the specific time frame is up to you.

You block yourself from opening any and all of your browsers, devices, apps, phones, from all games, from everything you addictively consume. And there are straight-forward ways to set this up for yourself. It doesn’t have to be a mystery!


Here’s What Happens When You Protect Your Evenings, Nights, And Early Mornings

When you make the choice to return to your life, your relationships, your dreams, and health every single evening, night, and early morning you’re saying yes to the real you.

The real you cares deeply about your life! But we get stressed. The world weighs on us. And we are bombarded with digital distractions 24/7.

So, no wonder you’re out there scrolling away, numbing yourself like so many of us do.


“Habit, if not resisted, soon becomes necessity.”
– Saint Augustine


We simply forget our higher selves. But consider this… What if you made time for:

  • Doing the things you’ve been neglecting or avoiding to do
  • Spending quality time with your friends and family
  • Getting enough sleep and exercise
  • Reading books
  • Meditating or attending to your spiritual life
  • Making plans for a bigger vision you always wanted in your life


How would you feel mentally and emotionally? How would you feel about yourself?

If you protected, say, 12 hours everyday from mindless internet activity, what could you achieve?

It’s really an exciting prospect, when you think about it. You could get your life back, day by day.


So, How Do You Do It?

There are different apps, softwares, services, and structures you could arrange in your life. You will know what’s best for you, but below we will explain how the FocusMe app can block you from the internet.

After you install the FocusMe app, it’s time to set up your “plan”. There are already a few default plans created for you, and one is called “Block Internet”. This is the one for you!

You will follow the prompts to make sure it’s set up the way you need. Getting the hang of the FocusMe app will not be difficult. Not only do we have tutorial videos, but also we are available to support you every day.

There is a special feature to FocusMe, which is that, if you choose, you cannot uninstall the app. For some of us, this is a critical piece of the puzzle. Because once your plan is running (on all devices), it’s set and that’s that —

You’re free. Free to return to your life, knowing that the internet will always be there for you for 12 other hours of the day.

This one setting is a game changer because it gives you a huge boost towards your goals, a taste of integrity, and freedom from sundown internet time warps.


Tips For Success

There are a few things that will help you be successful blocking yourself from going on the internet during the evenings, nights, and early mornings.

Catch yourself in your higher self mood and go for it then. You will want to set up your new powerful habits when you’re in the right mindset. Otherwise, you risk setting up a weak plan that doesn’t truly serve you.

Watch for loopholes. Keep modifying your settings with the app, different devices, and with the time of day. Stay on top of your progress!

Set up an accountability person in your life. Seriously. Screen addiction is a thing.


The Future Is Yours

When you’re ready, you’re ready. And if you’re not, that’s okay!

But if it’s time to gain back some serious hours, your vitality, and what matters most in your life – block the internet from the evening to morning and see what happens.

The FocusMe team is here for you. We are delighted to help you get all set up, so don’t be shy to reach out.

Here’s to your happy healthy life!