What the Tech is that? – Productivity Tech Trends 2017 revealed

By FocusMe Team on 30 December 2016

Technological Productivity Trends 2017

“I’m sorry, Laura, I don’t understand the question…”. If you watch the series ‘Humans’, this line might send shivers down your spine. But really, how far-fetched is the idea of Synthetic humans in daily life? With technology moving so fast, it pays for a business to stay ahead of the game – getting involved in what’s new, up and coming. This is a preview of the productivity tech trends for 2017.

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality 


Things like AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality) have taken a major step forward since 2016. With games like Oculus 6 and thousands of VR apps being released, Pokemon Go is the most popular choice for AR intelligence in an application. But it’s not just about games: With the help of VR and AR you are able to make better decisions regarding, for example, interior online shopping.  These tech tools, apart from giving a closer – to – reality – gaming experience, can enable you to see how items might fit in your home without having to make a purchase.

Big Data!

Marketing campaigns can now be executed far more efficiently with the use of mass quantities of gathered data – humanised big data. Visual, empathetic, qualitative! The enormous volume and detail of information captured by enterprises, the rise of multimedia, social media, and the Internet of Things will fuel exponential growth in data for the foreseeable future (read here more about Big Data). Due to its benefits, this is going to be a big trend setter – even, according to Forbes magazine, assisting in ‘planning better medical treatments’.

Health Monitoring

Working long hours, sitting in front of the screen, no time for lunch, no time for sleep –  sounds familiar?  I think you’ll agree, we have to track our health!

FitBits and other competitors are making a lot of money from wearable technology. According to, a quarter of all consumers own a fitness tracker, and thirty eight percent intend to buy one in the next six months.

Sleep Tracking is in trend too. Strapped to your arm or installed on your phone, Sleep Time or Sleep As Droid, watch over you while you sleep. These devices help us to become more aware of our sleep patterns, improving our sleep. We all know that catching enough sleep is essential to stay productive.

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Smart home

IoT (Internet of Things) is the new big thing. IoT is the phenomenon whereby numerous daily items like refrigerators, heating and TVs benefit from smart technology, and can be accessible through the internet. 

These devices and appliances could all be connected together. A link established on a single network would make your dream of a smart home come true. IoT will revolutionise the way we interact and engage with our surroundings. Although this may bring with it certain security issues, IoT (Internet of Things) is starting a trend – this technology is a definite for the very near future. Even Mark Zuckerberg is currently working on a smart home solution called Jarvis. It remains to hope your smart home doesn’t go rogue one day and locks you out!

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New Intelligent Things

AI (Artificial Intelligence) and machine learning have reached a critical point. It will increasingly augment and extend virtually every technology service, thing or application. Creating intelligent systems that learn, adapt and potentially act autonomously rather than simply executing predefined instructions, is the primary battleground for technology vendors through to at least 2030. It won’t be too long before machine learning becomes the new normal. Read more here about the rise of the robots

New intelligent things generally fall into three categories: robots, drones and autonomous vehicles. Supporting a new phase of digital business, these represent only one facet of intelligent things. Existing things, including IOT devices, will become intelligent things, delivering the power of AI enabled systems everywhere – including home, office, factory floor, and medical facilities.

Digital Twin

Within three to five years, billions of things will be represented by digital twins. This is a dynamic software of a physical thing or system. Using data on how the components of a thing operate and respond to the environment, as well as data provided by sensors in the physical world, a digital twin can be used to analyse and simulate real world conditions. It responds to changes, improving operations and adding value. Digital twins function as proxies for the combination of skilled people, traditional monitoring devices and controls (e.g. pressure gauges). Digital twins of physical assets, combined with digital representations of facilities and environments – as well as people, businesses and processes – will enable an increasingly detailed digital representation of the real world for simulation, analysis and control.

In-App Experience

This is truly one of the productivity tech trends 2017. Being the internet giants, apps like Google and Facebook strive hard to hold their apps in the top ranks, while keeping the user engaged for a longer time period.  Social media apps are beginning to venture into new territories with a more diverse and improved messaging experience avoiding any need to leave the app. The majority of users are finding these in-app provisions quite helpful, ensuring a sophisticated growth. It can save both time and effort by the user, as everything can be done via one app.

Focus Improvement Apps – Still One of The Top Productivity Tech Trends 2017

Scientifically optimised music is definitely a top productivity tech trend for 2017. Apps like Focus@Will and help you to concentrate and improve focus, relaxation and sleep. In the app AI (or extended human intelligence) creates all the music. Over 1.6 Millions lines of code is used to compose music to stimulate the brain.

App and Website blocking is still a big need. As we can see above there will be always new distractions like new games (Pokemon Go), new tech like VR and AR, new social media channels, new ways of advertising. So, are you ready for the future? FocusMe is more than ready to take on the new challenges of the tech future. Sign up here and don’t miss what’s coming soon.

The productivity tech trends that have prevailed in 2016 are incredible. They will go even further, enabling maximum output and productivity, and changing the way we think and live.

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