NaNoWriMo Progress Report Week #3

By FocusMe Team on 23 November 2018

In this week’s buddy chat our Wrimos Suzi and Patricia discuss their progress after almost 3 weeks of NaNoWriMo, how they struggle with editing and what are the benefits of Write Ins. Have you participated or even hosted a Write In during NaNoWriMo? Let us know about it in the comments below this buddy chat.

Sue: So we’re three quarters through Nano. I’m at 36k words which is not so bad. I’m hosting another Write In this week. Last Saturday I wrote around 3500 words in the morning session so it was worthwhile. How’s it going with you?

Tricia: It’s going so quickly, isn’t it? I’m a little below target at the moment with just under 33,000 but hoping to move on more later today and give it a good push tomorrow. Sunday, I have my grandson’s Christening, so may not manage anything. I’m determined to win this Nano though. Good luck at the Write In tomorrow. I think you’re very brave hosting.

Sue: I’m finding it hard now not to edit as I go, and when I get into editing, my word count goes right down. I’ve been using FocusMe to keep me more focused on just moving forward. You can set it, for example, for a twenty or thirty minute sprint. It’s stopping me from going back over the stuff I’ve written. It helps keep my critical self editor at bay!

Tricia: Strangely enough I’ve been very good. Instead of going back and editing I’ve been marking it in red and stating what I need to go back and do. It seems to be working. I’m going to have a lot of work once finished in developing and editing but I don’t mind as that’s my favourite bit. I always think that the layering and editing is what brings the stories alive.

Sue: Hey, well done by the way to both of us! Masters in Creative Writing! Yay!

Tricia: Congratulations to us both. We worked very hard and I enjoyed our journey plus we’d never have become friends if we hadn’t both started.

Sue: We can do this.

Tricia: We certainly can, Sue. Put that editing hat away for a little longer and press on with those words. Get those fingers moving.

Absolutely, keep those fingers moving, you’re almost there! If you need a little push, visit a Write In or grab your writing buddy and do a session right now! If you feel a little stuck and need inspiration you might be interested in this article Steps towards Building a Regular Writing Routine: Find Your Inspiration.

And don’t forget about our amazing offer for all Wrimos! Happy writing!

Suzi Bamblett and Patricia M Osborne (known as Tricia to her friends), writing buddies for a long time, have decided to tackle NaNoWriMo together this year. Suzi has recently submitted her dissertation, the final module for her MA in Creative Writing at Brighton University. She is now in the process of completing her novel Three Faced Doll, a psychological thriller. If you want to know more about Suzi Bamblett check out her blog Broodleroo – Scribbles and Reflections.  

Patricia M Osborne is a novelist, poet and short story writer. She also completed the MA in Creative Writing at Brighton University this year. Her debut novel House of Grace- A Family Saga has received a ‘Chill with a Book’ Readers Award. To find out more about Patricia and her books jump straight onto Twitter or Facebook: Patricia M Osborne, Writer.