NaNoWriMo Progress Report Week #1

By Jon Rumens on 07 November 2018

The first week of NaNoWriMo is almost over. Two participants give us insight in their word count progress, about what tools they are using and a glimpse about their novel. Read the chat below and let us know in the comments how YOU are doing:

A chat between two Nano Writing Buddies

Sue: ‘Are you starting at midnight Tricia?’

Tricia: ‘Good God, no. I shall start sometime tomorrow.’

Sue: ‘I can’t write at night, but I like to get an early start. I was at my pc by eight this morning. By 9.15 I had 2017 words completed. I need to get a little ahead over the first six days of nano, as I’m doing three days walking with a friend and I’ll get barely any time for writing. I’m going to aim to do 500 words every day though, even when time is short, just to keep chipping away and not lose the momentum. I might have to do them in a notebook and type up later.

Tricia: Wow, Sue, that’s pretty impressive. I’m not very good at writing in the morning but for Day 1, I did make an exception. Not quite as early as you but managed to clock up 1904 before 11am. The three days walking will be a great opportunity to move the story forward in your mind.

Sue: Day three. I did 2558 today. It feels like we are doing shift work. I take the morning shifts, and you take the afternoon and evening. Lol. My novel is a children’s book – 8 to 11 years. It’s about Smugglers. I’ve just done the set up so far. I use Scrivener as it lets me set up the scene headings in advance and I write to them, about 500 to 1000 words per scene usually.

Tricia: Impressive, Sue. It is a bit like us doing shifts, isn’t it? I was still working quite late in the evening and switched off at 2666 so I’m a happy writer. Scrivener is on my list to have a go at. I did a workshop at Swanwick Writer’s Summer School last August so it’s just the case of putting theory into practise. One day soon, I hope.

Sue: Day four. Today I met one of my characters. Did I say that my nano novel stars my grandson and the daughter of one of my friends as protagonists? Well, the little girl’s sister wants to be in it too, and she wants to be a fairy. Mmm, okay…

Tricia: How wonderful to meet one of your characters. Yes you did mention your grandson and his friend was starring in your story. What a fabulous idea. You’re making me wish I was writing a children’s story too. It’s going to be fun incorporating a fairy. Some kind of take on Peter Pan but with smugglers rather than pirates? I was pleased with my wordcount by the end of Day 4 as I managed to get up to 8377. I’m finding it tough not to edit but I keep giving myself a good talking to.

Sue: Wow Tricia, you’re doing great! I’m impressed that you are keeping your self-editor at bay. I know what you’re like! It’s day five and I’m making steady progress. Up to 11,600 words so that’s around 2300 a day average. Still trying to get ahead for the down time to come later this week. The Focus me free trial is working well. Particularly for me in terms of setting myself blocks of writing time and taking regular breaks.

Tricia: You’re almost a quarter of the way, Sue. You’ll be finished well ahead of target at this rate, even fitting in your obligations next week. I’ve yet to start today’s and probably won’t until early evening. I’m still trying to figure out why my Outlook has broken which is eating considerable chunks of writing time. Hubbie is helping so it needs to be done at his convenience. I hate not having email in my inbox.

Tell me more about the FocusMe free trial. I haven’t downloaded this yet as I’m not very good with new software. Is it easy to do? Time consuming? Do tell me more.

Sue: It was really simple to download, took minutes, and I sorted the writing slots and the breaks easily (and you know me, a bit of a technophobe). I’m looking forward to setting up the other bits to stop me wasting time checking Facebook, etc.

Writing buddies


Suzi Bamblett and Patricia M Osborne (known as Tricia to her friends), writing buddies for a long time, have decided to tackle NaNoWriMo together this year. Suzi has recently submitted her dissertation, the final module for her MA in Creative Writing at Brighton University. She is now in the process of completing her novel Three Faced Doll, a psychological thriller. If you want to know more about Suzi Bamblett check out her blog Broodleroo – Scribbles and Reflections.  

Patricia M Osborne is a novelist, poet and short story writer. She also completed the MA in Creative Writing at Brighton University this year. Her debut novel House of Grace- A Family Saga has received a ‘Chill with a Book’ Readers Award. To find out more about Patricia and her books jump straight onto Twitter or Facebook: Patricia M Osborne, Writer.

Do you have a writing buddy? Think about it – It’s a great way to stay motivated and track your progress.