The Importance of Motivation in Productivity

No matter what industry you work in, productivity is something you and your co-workers must focus on. It feels good to accomplish tasks before deadlines, and it gives you bonus points in the office. People know they can count on you to get projects done, especially if you take the initiative to do work before anyone asks you to do it.

Even though people can get jobs that allow them to do what they love, sometimes productivity can be a challenge. It’s easy to feel less motivated than usual for a variety of factors, both in your personal and work life. A loss in motivation leads to a loss of productivity, resulting in lower self-esteem and pride in your work.

Finding a way to motivate yourself to increase your productivity is key to getting back to a work life you can enjoy throughout your day. Ultimately, more motivation will result in a better workplace for everyone. Read on to learn why motivation is the foundation for productivity, and how you can incorporate it into your own life.

Employees Feel Valued

Motivation is personal. It’s a little different for everyone, depending on who they are, where they come from and what they want out of life. What motivates you might not matter to the person who sits next to you, but it’s essential that you discover what lights your passion for work.

Studies show that employees who feel valued are more productive, so consider how your job impacts your emotions. Does your boss recognize your achievements or only interact with you when they see a problem that needs fixing? Not feeling valued may mean you need to sit down with your boss and talk things out. They’ll want you to do your best at your job, and communication is essential for someone to feel more valued.

People Reach Higher Goals

Anyone can fill a job position and get work done, but motivation is what makes people reach higher goals and ultimately become more productive. People want to set milestones for themselves after they gain confidence in what they do.

That feeling morphs into motivation, and without it, the new goals would never be as important to that person. Think about the last time you set goals for yourself and analyze what your motivation was to see if it can be replicated now.

Everyone Avoids Burnout

Before you started out in the job you’re currently in, you had a reason for applying for the position. You were in tune with your desires and what you wanted from life. It fueled you to work hard and get the job that would make that happen. Knowing what you want will lead to more motivation, and help you avoid potential burnout.

You’ll know you’re burned out in what you do when you’re not interested in your job and don’t care to rekindle that flame. That doesn’t mean you should move on to a new career, but you may need to take some time off to re-evaluate and prioritize your interests. All this can be the first steps you need to take to get your motivation back and ultimately become more productive.

Office Happiness Increases

When people are motivated, they’re happy to do what they do. Are you satisfied with your current workload and have the ability and tools to accomplish your tasks?

Happiness at work can easily be diminished when you’re distracted from what you need to do. Distractions become time-consuming, leading to more worry and stress.

Look into how you can avoid distractions at work by using technology to block apps and websites that only help you procrastinate. You can even use FocusMe for app and website blocking for laser-sharp focus during work hours.

Do you oversee a team that needs more motivated productivity? Try out some of these tips to make your teammates feel happy when they walk into work:

  • Greet each team member every day, acknowledging that you’re glad to see them.
  • Recognize their productivity and praise the work they do.
  • Celebrate accomplishments with them through team lunches or other small acts of kindness.

Building on motivation will make everyone in your office happier to be there every day, encouraging them to work harder at what they do. Happiness and innovation go hand in hand, so people who love where they work will always look for ways to improve their workflow and make things even better.

Motivation Solidifies Your Team

Turnover rates can be a huge problem in offices that employ people who don’t have healthy levels of motivation. As people become motivated, set goals and achieve higher levels of productivity, they’ll become less concerned about looking for employment somewhere else. They’ll be proud of who they work with and the difference they make in the office.

When employees leave, new hires have to be trained and brought up to speed. That means team productivity may take a dive or even pause as the new members learn how they can contribute. Motivating your team results in long-term success for everyone.

An easy way for groups of people to become motivated at the same time is to listen to motivational speakers. The experts will know how best to fire up your own sense of motivation.

Demanding more productivity from yourself or your team members doesn’t do anyone any good. People can’t work harder when they already feel like they’re on their last leg. Before you try to force yourself to do more work, consider what your motivation is for wanting to be more productive.

Do you want to climb the ladder of your career? Are you more interested in helping other people? Take some quiet time away from your busy life to figure out what motivates you, and then make a game plan to get things back on track.

Work to make your team stronger, cut out distractions, and listen to experts who know the ins and outs of inspiring motivation. Soon, you’ll reach the productivity levels you want out of your work life, and you won’t have to worry about running out of motivation again.


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