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How Come You’re Dreading Your School Work and What to Do Instead

By FocusMe Team on 16 March 2020

You’re in school (or college). The assignments keep coming. The semesters keep coming.

You have your goal to graduate… But along the way…

You get distracted.

Everything else in your life seems way more interesting than your school work!

Then you feel guilty for avoiding writing that paper. Or, you feel pressure to cram for an exam at the last minute…

The school life struggle is REAL.

So, how come your mind has you absolutely convinced that you dread school work, don’t want to do it, and you end up procrastinating and stressing yourself out?

What can you possibly do to get out of the cycle of hating your studies?

Because you’re choosing this path. You could walk away, and that’s a valid option, but if you haven’t quit, you’re committed to stay in the game.

And, you do have power over your mindset and habits while you’re choosing to get this degree.

Let’s look at what you can do instead of dreading your school life – right now.

There’s one simple but powerful change you can implement immediately, and keep using, while you’re in school or college.

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Get in touch with a “get to” mentality.

Take a look at your consciousness. Do you feel like you “have to” do these assignments?

Examine this deeply. Do you really have no choice in whether you do another homework assignment again? Do you realize that you can exit this path right now, if you want? Maybe that doesn’t make any sense to do, but it IS an option to just quit. You can walk away. That’s not what this article is recommending, but in order to feel truly empowered and “at choice”, you need to remember this – that you have a choice to end your journey in school.

And, it’s a choice to stay on the path. Each day that you do not quit the program, you are assertively choosing to honor your goal. You do not have to stay in school. You get to.

“I get to” is a mindset. You can repeat it, say out loud, or journal about it. It’s a way to remember your power.

“I get to do this homework because I have a vision for my future that excites me.”

“I get to study because actually, this topic is fascinating and I actually love it.”

“I get to sacrifice doing something fun for staying home and studying and it builds my self-discipline and character.”

Here’s an example of what you can do anytime you feel total and utter dread to sit down and do your school work. Get out your journal or a piece of paper (or a google doc), and write out at least 15 solid reasons you get to do this work.

Why is it a privilege? Why are you in school? What is interesting about the topic? How can your work become a real service in the world, or for your classmates, or your teacher? How can you make it interesting and work for you?

Get real with yourself – do you want to get this degree? Journal about that. Because if you completely forget the bigger picture, you’re more likely to get swamped by the immediate obstacles and challenges.

And there will be challenges on the way towards any goal you orient yourself towards. It’s life. But you do not need to suffer unnecessarily. You can rise above your lower self which is urging you to scroll on Instagram and do anything but write that “dreaded” 10-page paper…

You have power over those trains of thoughts.

An “I have to” mentality will drag you down, making you feel like a victim (when you’re very likely not at all), and it’s hampering your natural enjoyment of life. Explore your reasons for being in school, get in touch with your power of choice, and remember the bigger picture – your why.

You get to study!


Download this article as a PDF

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