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Productivity Increase: Incorporate Habitica in your Life

By FocusMe Team on 18 September 2016

Not being able to focus impedes your productivity, as you’re unable to do things the way these should be done. This is disturbing as you can’t do things which are important. If you’re suffering through such a phase at the moment then Habitica is the solution for you.

Habitica is a habit building app which transforms your real life into an interactive game, thus pushing you to do multiple things. When you complete a real life task, you earn gold which enables you to unlock further levels of the game.

How does it work?

Habitica is easy to use interactive game which you can download on your smartphone. After completing the download, log in and start playing.

You can assign yourself multiple tasks which are related to your real life. When you complete a task, you defeat a little monster in the game thus raising your level. If you aren’t able to complete a task, your game character starts deteriorating in its growth. So, this is a real push to get you off your comfort zone and make you perform tasks.

Who can use it?

The game is a multi-purpose one and welcomes people from all walks of life. Either you’re a student or a businessman, a housewife or a football coach, you can use it to improve your productivity.

Here, we have discussed only some of the areas which can use it to improve their habits and thus increase productivity.

  • Students: The game offers a lot of activities for students. For instance, if you’re a student and playing this game, then you win coins by doing homework, writing assignments, and other similar tasks. If you don’t focus on your education, your game character will lose its value and you will stay behind those you’re competing with.
  • Housework: If you’re a housewife, then your points will grow, and you will be able to unlock more stages of the game, only if you do house chores. Washing dishes, cleaning, and laundry are some of the things you do to achieve a high score.
  • Fitness: The app pushes you to get going in real life. If you workout and hit the gym, you get more gold coins and increase your levels. In a situation otherwise, you stay behind your friends and other online community.
  • Sports: Not letting the party down and doing everything necessary is what brings you more and more success in this game. It is equally as good for sports people as for people belonging to other walks of life.

The encouraging feature of the game involves online competitions. You can engage in competitions with your friends and online community members. If you don’t perform satisfactorily, you lose score and stay behind others which is not what you would want.

The game has been producing amazing results as more and more people are engaging in it, with each passing day. Habitica has been featured in many international news journals like Forbes, The New York Times, and Discover which further shed light on its value.

So download now and start developing healthy habits in your life.