Flowers and Plants That Boost Workplace Productivity

By Laura Buckler on 13 January 2020

Disengaged employees are unproductive and this lack of productivity costs US companies up to 550 billion dollars per year. Luckily, there are simple ways to ensure engagement and to maximize productivity. Offering a welcoming and comfortable workplace is one of the essentials.

When it comes to boosting productivity, many guides focus on collaboration, feedback and teamwork. Did you know, however, that the addition of plants and flowers to the office can deliver equally great results?

Which types of flowers can lead to that highly coveted productivity boost? Let’s take a look at several great choices.

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There are several reasons why the spectacularly beautiful orchid is an excellent choice for the office.

For a start, these flowers are very easy to take care of. Their blossoms come in all colors and sizes and they’ll add a splash of vibrancy to every corporate environment.

Adding an orchid to every single desk is a piece of cake. Just make sure these flowers are getting enough sunlight and moisture.

Neon Pothos

If you have a tiny office, neon pothos is the perfect choice for you.

This is another low maintenance choice that does not necessitate extensive horticulture knowledge and skills. What’s even more important, neon pothos is a hanging plant.

Hanging plants are the ultimate choice for small offices because they do not need desk or floor space. You will be utilizing the vertical space that will otherwise be left empty. Hanging plants can be positioned in various creative ways to create a little green oasis in the middle of the urban jungle.

Apart from being easy to care for, neon pothos is also recognized for its saturated green color. Green is a calming tone and if you’re interested in color psychology, you’ll also find out that it suggests security and money. These are obvious things you’d want to focus on when attempting to boost productivity.

Snake Plant

The plants and flowers mentioned so far are easy to care for but they do need abundant sunlight. Unfortunately, many offices don’t get the sunlight required to grow healthy and beautiful plants.

If your office is short on natural light, choose a green species like the snake plant.

When it comes to low maintenance plants and flowers, this one takes the medal. It doesn’t need a lot of light in order to thrive and you will not kill it if you forget to water the pot one or two times.

An office that is relatively low on daylight can feel really gloomy and demotivating. Painting in bright colors and adding plants can help for the transformation of that inner space. Just make sure that the flowers you want to add to the interior are suited to the specific conditions.

Peace Lilies

If flowering plants are your thing, peace lilies should be added to the office décor.

Out of all flowers, these are the ones you’ll have the hardest time destroying (even if you’re really negligent with watering and other types of plant care).

Peace lilies also differ in appearance from other typical flowers, which makes them a great addition to a fresh and contemporary office.

The flower itself will “communicate” its needs, so just pay attention to it. Whenever the peace lily wilts, it’s expressing its need for water. Once hydration is provided, the peace lily will go back to its spectacular self.

Rubber Tree Plant

Apart from being really cool to look at, the rubber tree plant produces another very important benefit. It is recognized for its air purification qualities. If you work in a highly urbanized area that’s dusty and known for poor air quality, a rubber tree plant would be the one to pursue.

The plant grows pretty tall and it necessitates just one weekly watering. Placing it close to a window is a good idea to ensure enough daylight exposure.

Rubber tree plants have broad, flat leaves that are saturated green in color. In addition, they produce saturated purple flowers that will add a splash of color to the corporate environment.


Do you employ young, modern people? if so, you want to give them the coolest workspace there is. To make the office extra impressive, consider the addition of plants like tillandsia to the interior décor.

Why is tillandsia such a great choice? Because this type of plant does not need soil to thrive! That’s right, the tillandsia is known as an air plant that only needs to be sprayed with water occasionally. Tillandsias are often places in glass globes or domes, which increases the cool factor even further.

The plant is another great communicator that will let you know it needs water. If the leaves of the tillandsia curl up too much, you’ll need to give it a quick spray.

African Violets

An African violet is a great flowering plant for a small office. It can survive in a really tiny pot, which makes it ideal for placement on a desk.

While the African violet does require a bit more care than the other plants included in the list, it blossoms each year and produces really delicate, colorful flowers.

Keep in mind that African violets will need to be watered more frequently, especially if you want them to blossom every single year.

These are just a few great choices for the creation of a green office. Don’t hesitate to explore other plants that correspond to the particular indoor environment you work in. Busy people can enjoy some natural beauty because many incredible plants are resilient and in need of solely minimal care.

 Download this article as a PDF