Addiction Habits

Eradicate Your Unhealthy Habits with the Power of Community

In order to let go of an addiction – whether it be to food, screens, alcohol, etc. – there’s nothing that compares to a strong support community.

Because what is the opposite of community (supportive relationships)? Isolation.

And what is the perfect environment for bingeing, indulging, and losing ourselves to unhealthy habits? Isolation.

An alcoholic hides their drinking problem…

A food addict goes on a binge in the privacy of their home…

A screen addict loses hours of their day and no one notices…

Isolation is a killer!

In contrast, what happens when we have real people pooling resources, strategies, and motivation together to ensure everyone is supported? The addiction can actually become a thing of the past. And guess what? You can find both in-person and online support communities for people just like you. So it’s not this elusive thing, support is a click away.

Let’s discuss how a support community might be the missing ticket to conquering your lower self.

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 Other People’s Victories Are Inspiring

When you see people struggling and winning in the exact same battle you’re fighting, it creates incredible motivation. It gives you hope. When you cheer them on, you’re cheering yourself on. When you celebrate major milestones with each other, you create a positive community vibe that seriously inspires everyone involved to keep it going.


Accountability Relationships Rock

Accountability is telling a friend or coach or a community, “Hey, I commit to XYZ today, or this week.” You report what the commitment is, and then you report back how it went. It’s a way to reflect on what works, what doesn’t, and keep growing.


The Think Tank Factor

Why reinvent the wheel when you can literally follow the path of experts and experienced people who know exactly how to tackle your particular addiction? They know the ins and outs. They are making themselves available to you. You all can be in it together, sharing tips and tricks to reclaim your freedom. No small thing!


Emotional Support

When things get hard, and they do, you need a place to turn to. A place to vent and say, “Hey, I really want to get in the car and go buy a tub of ice cream!” Or, “Guys, I literally just spent four hours gaming. Help!”

Human beings need emotional support. It’s an innate need. Honor that reality so that you can thrive in your (very) human experience.


Collective Vision for Humanity

You recovering from your addiction is about more than just your individual life. It will naturally include supporting other people to get free. It’s actually thrilling to be a part of a movement that creates transformation of body, mind, and spirit.

How big can the movement get? How many hundreds or thousands of people could be released from their addiction and live their life purpose? It’s exciting. And – side benefit – the bigger vision is a huge motivation factor in your transformation.



When we embrace a support community, we’re bringing our challenges out into the light.

We’re being honest and asking for help.

We’re taking a stand that our pride is not more important than our freedom from unwanted unhealthy habits.

The FocusMe Team has been meditating on this lately…

How can we support you even better? What could be next-level support for you to truly get free from your screen or internet or device addictions? Comment below or email us at .

Getting distracted by technology and screens and gaming is truly an epidemic! We all need to be asking, “How can we support each other?”.