How to Reduce Screen Time for Your Kids

Learn how you can set healthy limits The verdict is in: More than half of all kids ages 8 to 12 have their own cell phone. Kids ages 5 to 16 are spending six and a half hours per day in front of [...]

Want to Keep That Resolution? Stop Relying on Willpower to Build Healthy Habits

Your New Year’s Resolutions are doomed… if your plan is to use willpower and white knuckles to create healthy habits. This works better. As the holidays wrap up, we tend to get a little [...]

Is it Possible to Detox Digitally Without Suffering from Disconnect?

Wonder whether unplugging, going digital-free on vacation, or even using a distraction blocker is a slippery slope? Let’s talk detox versus disconnect in the digital age. Have you ever considered [...]

How to Harness the Power of Minimalism to Become More Productive

Do less and accomplish more by applying minimalist principles to your life. For some, the term “minimalist lifestyle” brings to mind a scrawny monk wearing a tattered robe in a barren room with [...]

The Ultimate Guide to Building Good Habits that Stick

Our habits play a major role in forming our personality, mood, and achievements. Here’s how to form good habits and hold on to them. When praising the power of habits, life coaches, [...]

Multitasking: The Dangers Of A Risky Behaviour

Do You Engage In This Risky Behaviour That Lowers Your IQ? Warning: This is not a myth or some sort of ‘fake news’. Women are, in fact, much better at doing IT than men … but that doesn’t mean [...]

How to Study Quickly and Efficiently for Your Exams

Easy Tips & Tricks for College Students! With the school season already upon us and the looming threat of upcoming exams already casting shadows of doubt into the minds of even the best and [...]

8 Tips to Study Better

How to Improve Your Study Habits Students often believe that studying is simply revisiting material before an important test or exam. But successful study is so much more than that. Study is the [...]

Recalibrate Your Reality by Pushing Your Comfort Zone

A mini-guide to busting out of complacency and into productivity While thrill-seekers and gambling addicts may buck the trend, the average person more or less shuns risk and the unknown.  We fear [...]

4 Brilliant Ways to Make Decisions Easily…and Fun

Techniques to Be More Decisive I recently spent a fun afternoon with a group of 5 old friends from my college dorm . It was really nice to catch up with people I hadn’t seen in 15 years, and it [...]

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