Obsessed With the News? Here’s How to Take Your Attention Back

How Bad News Affects Mental Health in the Age of “Outrage Porn” Feeling a little obsessed with the news? In today’s world, information spreads at the speed of light. We carry supercomputers in our pockets, feeding us real-time information on global occurrences, today’s weather report, and even live feeds from our home CCTV. We “should” be more […]

How to Stop Gaming: A Step-By-Step Guide [Updated]

Stop gaming

Are you struggling with a gaming addiction? If so, you’re certainly not alone. These days, millions upon millions of people spend way too much time lost in games. Virtual worlds created by game designers at every level of sophistication. Yes, hooked on artificial lives in everything from World of Warcraft to Candy Crush…. And the […]

The One Internet Setting That Gives You Your Life Back

The internet is by and large distracting… Entertaining, informative, useful, but also we can get so lost! In this day and age, practically everyone has experience losing hours of their life to scrolling on social media, clicking around here and there, youtubing, gaming, and googling who the spouse is of some interesting celebrity who just […]

Eradicate Your Unhealthy Habits with the Power of Community

In order to let go of an addiction – whether it be to food, screens, alcohol, etc. – there’s nothing that compares to a strong support community. Because what is the opposite of community (supportive relationships)? Isolation. And what is the perfect environment for bingeing, indulging, and losing ourselves to unhealthy habits? Isolation. An alcoholic […]

Thriving No Matter What Life Throws At Us

Happiness comes. Happiness goes. Challenges come, and they go… The world we live in changes. Sometimes we like what’s happening. Sometimes we lament for the past. Sometimes we worry about the future. This is all a part of the human context – joy, suffering, change. But that doesn’t mean it’s easy to truly accept reality, […]

10 Toxic Habits That Keep You Away from Your Goals

You’ve definitely heard the saying that you’re your own worst enemy. This saying can apply to just about every aspect of life. As human beings, we’re very good at sabotaging our own efforts to find a meaningful relationship, excel at our jobs and be successful. Many toxic habits and behaviors could be keeping you from […]