Eradicate Your Unhealthy Habits with the Power of Community

In order to let go of an addiction – whether it be to food, screens, alcohol, etc. – there’s nothing that compares to a strong support community. Because what is the opposite of community (supportive relationships)? Isolation. And what is the perfect environment for bingeing, indulging, and losing ourselves to unhealthy habits? Isolation. An alcoholic […]

10 Toxic Habits That Keep You Away from Your Goals

You’ve definitely heard the saying that you’re your own worst enemy. This saying can apply to just about every aspect of life. As human beings, we’re very good at sabotaging our own efforts to find a meaningful relationship, excel at our jobs and be successful. Many toxic habits and behaviors could be keeping you from […]

The Best Books and TED Talks About Productivity

Identifying the right productivity and motivation approach that will work for your team isn’t always an easy task. Dynamics inside the company change over time and the methodology that delivered excellent results some time ago is not necessarily going to yield the same result this time around. Learning from the experience of others and finding […]

6 Reasons to Consider Closing Your Office for Christmas Week

It’s the Holiday season and you’re faced with a big dilemma of pushing through and getting some work done or closing the office for the Christmas week. Choosing the second approach brings various benefits to the table. You may worry that a week-long business discontinuation will lead to a productivity loss but research suggests the […]

5 Reasons People Give Up on Their Goals Too Early

How long are you willing to pursue your dream? The truth of the matter is that most people will give up within a short time period because of complications or because the goal appears to be more challenging to attain than originally anticipated. Research suggests that only eight percent of people achieve their goals. This […]