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8 Productivity Blogs You Shouldn’t Miss in 2017

By FocusMe Team on 09 July 2017

The Best Productivity Blogs To Help Keep You Organized


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Personal branding coach, Bernard Kelvin Clive, summed up a problem that we all face on a daily basis, “We don’t manage time, we manage activities within time.”

No matter what we do, time will move on. All that we can do is to make better choices about how we choose to spend our time.

We can consciously be more productive, making each minute count, or we can simply go with the flow, and one day wake up to the reality that we’ve got old without realizing it.

Whatever choice we make, the clock will continue to tick and move forward at the same rate that it always has.

You only have one life span in which to do everything that you want. Your personal clock begins ticking from the moment you are born. None of us know how long it will tick for, so you really should make the most of every minute you have available.

Luckily many people have already discovered the importance of living a productive lifestyle. If you are uncertain what you can do to improve your own personal productivity and organization there are many blogs offering useful tips and ideas.

We are proud of our efforts here on FocusMe, but we accept that there are many other good blogs that can be of value to your organization and self-improvement.

Here are a few of our favorites!

1. A Life of Productivity

The name of the website says it all. It’s run by a Canadian, Chris Bailey, who left business school with a plan. He wanted to spend a year learning as much as he could about productivity, and writing every other day about the topic.

After a year, his site, which he named A Year of Productivity, had already become a substantial resource on how to better organize yourself.

However, Chris kept going. He wrote a book called The Productivity Project which became a bestseller. He then continued his online obsession with A Life of Productivity.

It may not have daily productivity musings, like his first site, but is still full of useful hints and tips to give you a life of productivity.

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2. Becoming Minimalist


Joshua Becker believes that too many of us get obsessed with owning possessions, and in the end, we can easily surround ourselves with too much relatively useless clutter.

He believes that it is easier to follow your passions if you don’t have to worry about being overrun by junk…and even that there are times when your possessions subtract value from your life.

After he reached this epiphany he

“discovered more money, more time, more energy, more freedom, less stress, and more opportunity to pursue our greatest passions: faith, family, friends”.

Becoming Minimalist gives him the opportunity to write about how you can remove the unnecessary clutter from your life.

3. Scoro Blog


At FocusMe, we believe that we have developed a great product that can help save you time and improve your productivity. Therefore we like to write about other things you can do to make your life even more productive.

Scoro clearly has the same philosophy.

They produce software to help businesses with their project and work management. They also publish a blog featuring advice, tools, and hacks for smart teams.

Although there is a distinct business focus here, there is plenty of value for everybody.

4. Time Management Ninja


Craig Jarrow states that the mission of Time Management Ninja is to “help individuals and companies reclaim their time.”

He believes that time management is a passion and he has now published hundreds of articles on time management, goal setting and organization.

He includes a very useful Best of TMN page for people who are new to his site.  This page collects together those posts that Craig considers his best work on Time Management, Productivity and Tools, Goals and Motivation, and Technology (in relation as to how technology can help you improve your productivity).

5. Getting Things Done


David Allen has a philosophy – “Your mind is for having ideas, not holding them.”

This is the reason that he created Getting Things Done as a way to help people and businesses bring order to chaos. GTD is actually David’s method for improving your productivity, which he explains on the website, sells courses on, and has written books about.

The blog looks at his system, along with providing productivity tips and free resources – all with the aim, of course, of helping you “getting things done.”

6. The Daily Saint


The Daily Saint is Mike St Pierre’s personal blog in which he tries to help you get organized and become more productive. He is the Executive Director of the Catholic Campus Ministry Association and specializes in leading organizations through difficult periods of change. Most of his blog posts focus on ways you can make life easier for yourself.

Recent posts have highlighted this, with topics such as Simple Ways for Working Smarter Every Day, The Answer to Decision Fatigue, and Practicing the Art of Productivity. Mike’s articles have appeared in numerous publications, including LifeHack, CatholicExchange and Productive Magazine. He has been a featured speaker at the Education Law Institute, the National Catholic Education Association Convention and various workshops.

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7. Flylady


Flylady tries to help you sort out the chaos in your home. She regularly writes about decluttering your home and following her “baby steps” to make any home organized, no matter how messy it starts.

Her baby steps go for about 20 days, giving you the chance to build up routines.

Her fundamental first step is to shine your sink every night before you go to bed. If you go to bed with a shiny sink you know you have at least accomplished something for the day.

After you have mastered the baby steps, Flylady gives daily and weekly routines that make cleaning less of a chore. You can keep a house organized for as little as 20 minutes of actual cleaning a day, as long as you follow a plan and do little chunks every day.

Flylady considers that too many people fail in their attempts to be organized because they see a need for perfectionism. As she says, your house didn’t get messy in one day, so there is no need for it to be tidied in one day – it is far better to build routines and build up in baby steps.

8. WorkAwesome


Although the title of this blog suggests it’s for people who want to be awesome at work, it actually covers a wider ground than that. It’s designed for people who want to be awesome at whatever their passion is.

WorkAwesome describes themselves as sharing

“useful articles about starting things, completing things, and trying new things—and being “awesomely productive” when doing so.”

This remit covers more than just productivity of course, but with 354 articles currently sitting in the Productivity category, you are sure to find something that interests you and teaches you something you didn’t already know.