The Importance of Motivation in Productivity

No matter what industry you work in, productivity is something you and your co-workers must focus on. It feels good to accomplish tasks before deadlines, and it gives you bonus points in the office. People know they can count on you to get projects done, especially if you take the initiative to do work before […]

How to Implement Minimalism Into Office Décor

There is this odd obsession in the modern workspace, thinking that more is always better. And while there is some merit to having a chaotic and creative, though somewhat cluttered, office, minimalism has become the hot new thing for good reason. Namely, this clutter reflects the society in an odd, though deep way. We obsess […]

Simple Ways to Start Your Morning Perfectly

Is your day determined by the morning? Studies suggest so. Mood, energy, productivity levels and quality of the interactions with others are all affected by the first things we do in the morning. This is the reason why building a perfect morning routine is of paramount importance. It can affect your job, your interactions with […]

Ways in Which Meditation Improves Life Quality

Is a meditation a part of your everyday routine? If the answer is negative, you may want to consider some changes in the near future. While a highly spiritual practices, meditation can have a number of important effects on your life (even on your health). Improving life quality through meditation is entirely possible and here’s […]

8 Ways to Know You’re Ready to Be a Remote Worker


Remote working is gradually growing in popularity, and it is easy to see why: it affords you the luxury of working from virtually anywhere. You could be living in one place but working for a company based in another country or even a continent. Nonetheless, as appealing as it seems, remote working is not for […]

Getting More Done in Less Time as a Single Parent

Single parent

Being a single parent is extremely rewarding but also difficult. You hold all the responsibility and you have to get everything done on your own. As a result, you’ll often feel overwhelmed and at wit’s end. You will feel like you simply can’t go on at the same pace. Working smart is the best way […]