Books every writer should read

books every writer should read

As writers we’re addicted to books on ‘how to write’. It’s procrastination of course. If you’re reading a book about how to develop your craft, then you’re working on your writing, right? Yes, but there must be balance. If you spend too long reading and not getting words on the page, you’ll never finish that […]

App Blocker – Why You Need It More Than Ever

App Blocker

We covered the basics on how to use a website blocker, but is it enough? In school or at work, we know that our productivity and ability to concentrate are more compromised than ever before. Not only are all of our favorite websites only a click away, but we also have to deal with our […]

How to prepare for NaNoWriMo 2018

NaNoWriMo 2018

Plotter or Panster? So come on, which are you? Plotters (okay yes, I admit it) like to have some idea of where we’re going and the good news is that with Nanowrimo THIS IS NOT CHEATING. The thing about being a plotter is that you don’t have to work chronologically. John Irving doesn’t start until […]