Flowers and Plants That Boost Workplace Productivity

A vase of flowers on a table Description automatically generated

Disengaged employees are unproductive and this lack of productivity costs US companies up to 550 billion dollars per year. Luckily, there are simple ways to ensure engagement and to maximize productivity. Offering a welcoming and comfortable workplace is one of the essentials. When it comes to boosting productivity, many guides focus on collaboration, feedback and […]

Top Time Wasting Websites to Block Today

Top Time Wasting Websites

Have you ever wondered about the amount of time we spend online (while we could be doing something much better)? In 2017, the average user spent 5.9 hours per day on digital media. The average mobile phone use was 3.3 hours per day – an increase from just 0.3 hours per day back in 2008. […]

The Best Time Management Tips for Busy Students

Best Time Management for Students

Studies are increasingly putting emphasis on one single thing – students today are more distracted than any previous generation. Such distractions lead to the loss of time and a massive reduction in productivity. Whether you’re in high school or attempting to master the university curriculum, chances are that your time management efforts aren’t as effective as you’d […]