How to Get Work Done (Even When You’re Not in the Mood)

It’s easy to think of procrastination as something directly related to your IDENTITY. And who you are as a person. “I’m a procrastinator.” “I can’t stick with a schedule.” “It’s just who I am.” But procrastination is often more related to MOOD than personality. And if you struggle to stick to a schedule or find […]

New Year’s Resolutions (bad) vs Goals (good)

New Year's Resolutions vs goals

How many of your New Year’s Resolutions have you achieved? *hears crickets* That’s what we thought… Now, here’s a method for setting goals that actually works: As you may have gathered from the title of this article, at FocusMe we are not ashamed to admit our lack of neutrality in the New Year’s Resolutions vs Goals discussion. […]

What Is A Focus App And Do I Need One?

Woman unable to focus

In the war against digital distraction, we need all the help we can get! Are focus apps the silver bullet? Maybe, but not all of them are created equal… In many ways, the digital revolution is just getting started, yet it is already reshaping our lives as much as the birth of agriculture or the […]

Discipline Vs Freedom: 7 Ways To Win the Battle For Your Time When You Work Online

Today’s hard-charging entrepreneurs and personal development gurus… …They’re all about SELF-DISCIPLINE. Jocko Willink (not a cheesy guru type at all, to be fair) even wrote a book called “Discipline Equals Freedom.” It’s an amazing read, of course, and quite on target. You can’t expect to get far in this world if you don’t develop some […]

5 Easy And Effective Ways To Regulate Screen Time

How to regulate screen time

Screen time has become a dirty phrase, but it doesn’t have to be this way… There easy and effective ways to regulate your and your children’s screen time. How much screen time is too much? Unless you’re planning on joining an Amish community, recreating Robinson Crusoe or otherwise totally disconnecting from the 21st century, having […]

Fight Procrastination Day 2021

Fight Procrastination Day 2021

Fight Procrastination Day 2021: Just another silly made up awareness day or a genuine opportunity for self-improvement? The choice is yours… Yes, there’s a “day” for everything now. In fact, on most days of the year there are several holidays or awareness days going on, depending on where you live or which blogs you read. […]

What We Know About Tech Addiction In 2021

Tech addiction

We’ve all heard a lot about tech addiction, dopamine and how our devices are out to get us. So, what does the science say and what can we do about it? Tech addiction and it’s effects on our mental and physical health is a topic that gets hotter by the day. We constantly hear rumblings […]