Best Brain Foods For Focus, Memory & Mental Health

Best brain foods - Berries and Nuts

The brain is the most important organ in the body, yet its also one that we often forget to consider when planning our diets. As it turns out, there are some amazing brain foods that will help you to fuel your noggin with everything it needs to run smoothly! Defining brain foods The main thing […]

3 Methods To Overcome Your Gaming Addiction For Good

Man with gaming addction

The concept of gaming addiction is just now beginning to enter mainstream consciousness. Yet, for the millions who experience it daily, the struggle has always been very real. Understanding gaming addiction Before you can overcome an addiction or unhealthy pattern of behaviour, it’s crucial that you first acknowledge what you’re up against and learn to […]

How Binaural Beats Work – Focus, Meditate, Sleep

How binaural beats work cover

In recent years, they’ve earned a reputation as a simple and effective life hack for better sleep, improved focus, greater productivity and more. Here is everything you need to know about how binaural beats work and if they are indeed what they’re hyped up to be. What are binaural beats? Before understanding how binaural beats […]

Go With The Flow: Powerful Ideas For An Easier Life

Go with the flow

We’ve all been told at some point or other in our lives to “go with the flow”. It sounds great in theory, but how exactly do you do it? There are so many esoteric sounding sayings thrown around by people who barely grasp their meaning. “Live in the present”, “you’re perfect the way you are” […]

5 Amazing Natural ADHD Management Strategies

ADHD management strategies

October is ADHD awareness month! Whether you have a child that has been diagnosed with the condition or simply struggle to concentrate as much you’d like, these 3 natural ADHD management strategies will make your life easier. ADHD is a controversial condition. Most mental health professionals and neuroscientists agree that it is a real disorder […]

Why Getting A Regular Dose Of Nature Is So Important

hiking nature

A dose of nature is now considered a legitimate prescription by doctors and mental health professionals. Here is what it can do for you. The concept of medicine is ever evolving and there is certainly no universally agreed upon definition of what qualifies. Some ailments of the body and mind are a threat to us […]

Getting Out Of A Funk & Rebooting Your Life 101

Getting out of a funk

Getting out of a funk can be tricky at the best of times, during this pandemic it can feel impossible. Here’s how you can reboot your life. Sometimes you just feel stuck. This feeling can range from a sense of mild unease all the way through to a deep desperation to disappear. It can relate […]