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A fully-customizable content blocker that prevents workarounds. Change your online habits to instantly win back wasted time.

  Block, limit, or ration use of time-sucking websites & apps.
  Build better habits for long-term willpower.
  Powerful “force” mode when you need to go nuclear.
  60-day unconditional money back guarantee.
  Works on Windows, Mac, & Linux. Free Android version.

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“Words can’t describe the burden that was lifted.”

This software literally changed my life. For the past 4 years, I fell victim to my own distractions. However, with the help of this amazing program, I have been able to set them aside and work towards what truly mattered, my future. Words can’t describe the burden that was lifted off me.


– Davius Funderburk

How Can FocusMe Help Achieve Your Goals?

I Want to Beat Distractions & 10x My Productivity!

I Want to Protect My Children Better Online

I Want My Team To Focus More & Get Things Done

Are Your Devices Destroying Your Self-control?

Digital overwhelm is a giant threat to modern knowledge workers,
students, and entrepreneurs who want to get things done…

And it can feel nearly impossible to fight back.

Do your “10-minute distractions” constantly turn into hours, even days, of wasted time?
Ever jeopardized or lost a sure thing because guilty online pleasures lured you off track Resulting in repeatedly missed deadlines, empty promises, and disappointed expectations?
Have you ever lost entire days to video games, social media, or porn? Or been so glued to the screen you lived on fast food and barely left the house?
Are compulsive habits bleeding into every area of your life, even affecting relationships with the people you love?
Do you work, study, or run a business online…and feel like the superhuman effort needed to focus robs you of your true potential?

Fact: The Digital World is Designed to Be Addictive…

Yes, app designers and marketers purposely tap your biological buttons to feed addiction and compulsive use. Creating feedback loops to control your attention and keep you hooked… With reptile-brain promises of excitement and good-feels…

END RESULT: “Tools” that promise to make life simpler all too often turn against you. And the worst part about fighting this kind of addiction is most of us just can’t step away from our devices completely…

There’s Still A Way to Break The Cycle

(Even if you’ve tried every productivity trick in the book and fallen flat on your face.)

We’ve seen so many people who felt completely lost online find their way back.
Often getting 3, 4, 5, or more hours of their time back every single day…
With the right set of tools and a better strategy. You can beat the tech world at its own game. In a way that builds your character, strengthens your resolve, and unleashes your true potential at work and beyond.

Imagine a Completely Different
Relationship with Work

Taking control of your focus with the push of a button for immediate jumps in productivity (and often income)

Delaying gratification and avoiding distraction so the goals and aspirations you keep putting off for “someday” become achievable NOW

No more feeling out of control, reclaiming tons of free time and finding new ways to lead a more enjoyable, fulfilling life.

Making the right choices again and again consistently building your character by withstanding the digital noise and unleashing your true potential at work and beyond.

Reaching a light at the end of the tunnel of addictions to gaming and pornography (and with destructive behaviors gone you have a lot more time for real relationships again)

How Valuable Are the Lost Hours In YOUR Day?

We calculated the average daily time saved of over 1,000 FocusMe users. The verdict?

They saved 3.24 HOURS A DAY

At $27 per hour average US wage, that’s 3.24 hours x $27/hour x 255 workdays/year:

That’s $22,307 SAVED PER YEAR!!

FocusMe costs less than a quarter per day. What are you waiting for?

Saved Time Helps FocusMe Users
Accomplish So Much More:

If You’re An Entrepreneur: You can build better systems to grow your business and watch your profits jump…
If You’re a Student: You can finish school faster and with way better grades, saving money on college and opening up more opportunities for your early career…
If You’re an Employee: You can prove your worth for promotions and find ways to become indispensable to your company, or break into opportunities at better firms…
If You’re Any Human: You can take on more clients, make more sales, find time for a second job, start a side biz, get trained in new skills…Or you can just enjoy life more!

So most people would agree that FocusMe pays for itself by a long shot.

FocusMe is Changing Thousands of Lives!

Hear directly from our customers in their own words

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